Claire Bennet is Related to Everyone

claire-chartDo you remember back when the first season of Heroes started? How people with these mysterious powers were popping up all over the Earth? All across the US, in India, in Japan. What the hell happened to that? Because now, Claire seems to be related to at least half of the cast. A little work in Photoshop whipped up this handy guide, showing everyone she’s related to…. that we know of!


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~ by Jerk on November 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “Claire Bennet is Related to Everyone”

  1. I’m disturbed by the way shes looking at fergie video Peter.
    Is that fergies hand on Sylar?

  2. Yup. At first I just wanted TatMilo, but then I realized I could make it look like Sylar was caressing him with his painted nails. And who could pass up a chance like that?

  3. As this got pushed back people arent finding the link to Claire Bennet is Rleated to Everyone part 2

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