Flashback Failure on OTH

I wanted to write about Greys tonight or maybe even Heroes but while catching up on some stuff I missed I ran into this week’s One Tree Hill.  It stopped me dead in my tracks.

I have never wished a show could be canceled based on just one episode before.  The show is tired, it’s over and done with, give it up!  There were two plot moving points that probably took 30 seconds of screen time and can be summed up in one line.  Lucas took acid and Payton has indigestion.  902712_big3

Shows borrow from each other, it happens especially when you share producers or writers from different projects.  Smallville has done Buffy plots, Heroes has done Smallville plots it all gets spread around but this one just didn’t work.  The 30s? flashback episode worked on Smallville.  Noir was amazing, Lois as the singer, Jimmy as the reporter, Lex as the bad guy, Clarks the detective and Lana’s the Femme fatale.  Sure One Tree Hill filled all those roles but they missed one key component, it has to be relevant to your story line.  It has to have a place in your season.  It has to tell a story. 

One Tree Hill took pieces of the plot they wanted to keep, like Keith and Karen or Brucas past but threw other things totally out like Nathan and Haley’s marriage, Payton’s wethree11entire paternity.. even the dove thing didn’t fit in with what Payton had said about it at the beginning of the episode.  This turned out like a 9th grade term paper that someone forgot to read after they finished writing.  I’m talking Devour bad.  Not to mention the cliche’s they left in for novelty, like the black characters having to be musicians or doormen or the villain eating a giant bowl of spaghetti.  

Season 5, the big jump, you pulled it off but this season has not been making the cut.  Don’t be surprised to see this one canceled.  The only good thing about the show this season is the kid.  His absence is probably why this episode sucked so much. 

Oh WAIT.  That explains everything.  The script was written by Chad Michael Murray.  uh.  please don’t. 


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~ by doublebitch on November 18, 2008.

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