9th Wonders, the Magic Comic Book

It was nice to see the return of the 9th Wonders comic book to the Heroes ‘verse this week. There was one tiny, little probl9th-wonder-001em I had with that, though: Isaac is dead. The type of dead where he probably won’t even appear again on the show, even. So who exactly made this comic? It still predicts events, so it isn’t like some random person took over the book. Usutu doesn’t seem a likely candidate, as even before he got Isaac’d, he was living in the middle of nowhere in Africa, so I doubt he was making calls to his editor and FedExing pages every couple days. Sylar took Isaac’s powers, but somehow I don’t see him making a comic book. But then again, a month ago I would have said I didn’t see him eating pie on the floor, so who knows?

Another mystery is, regardless of who makes the book now, how is it still in print? I think it’s safe to say that9th-wonder-002 9th Wonders was a creator-owned book, saying as the contents was completely based on Isaac’s visions. So one would think that with Isaac Mendez dead, it would be hard for the book to continue. The person in charge of his estate would have to give their permission for someone else to continue the series. Considering he moved into Isaac’s apartment, I’m going to just assume that person was somehow Mohinder, and that whoever this new vision person was, they contacted him about continuing the 9th Wonders comic book. If that was the case, you’d think Mohinder would mention this other person, with their precognitive powers. Actually, you know what? Never mind. He was clearly too busy banging Maya,9th-wonder-003 he probably doesn’t even remember giving Mystery Artist the OK to continue publication.

Let’s switch topics now, from how Mystery Artist continued 9th Wonders, to why. Couldn’t they just make their own comic book, and publish that? The only reason I can see for them to purposefully seek out the 9th Wonders title is brand name recognition with fans, which seems to suggest that they are publishing these comics in order to make money. If they just wanted to put out a warning of coming events to other people with powers, I’m sure a small print run would do just as much good. So, it has to be someone with future-painting powers, a keen business sense, and an interest in profit. There’s only one person we’ve seen who I can think of who fits into that mould: Arthur Petrelli. I’m not sure exactly what sinister agenda of his 9th Wonders furthers, but here’s my best guess: 9th Wonders is now printed on 100% un-recycled paper! In a South Pacific sweatshop!


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~ by Jerk on November 19, 2008.

10 Responses to “9th Wonders, the Magic Comic Book”

  1. you crossed the geek line but I’ll let you have it this week.


  2. Maybe Issac had a massive back catalog of work that he had sent to his editor. And please ignore the fact that the future Issac was changed because they “saved the cheerleader”

  3. Hmmm… could be, but they’ve saved the world from bad futures several times at this point, so I’d assume the comics would have to be made from recent visions in order to be relevant to the current timeline.

  4. hmm no mention of peter here…why the heck not?

  5. You think peter drew them? hmmm now that’s an interesting and totally possible idea.

  6. I kind of figured between losing his girlfriend in a future that doesn’t exist anymore, teaming up with Adam, and getting stuck in Weevil, he didn’t really have the time. But I guess he is a possibility still, yeah.

  7. haha… I actually dont have cable so I only watch series after they come out on video… but if u take ssn1 and 2 it would seem the most likely candidate for the continuation would be peter since is actually quite a bit like Isaacs character in a few ways… troubled, good natured, worried, hmmm tough on himself… surprised he hasnt dipped into the druggie scene

  8. Especially with that hair…

  9. When you watch season 3 you’ll understand why it can’t be Peter.

  10. Scratch that last comment. I think you may be onto something with Peter doing the comics. I think it might be a THIRD Peter Petrelli from ANOTHER future that was disappointed that 9th Wonders (his favourite series) was no longer being produced so he came back in time to draw it himself.

    I guess this theory would only work if they believed in quantum theory, which the writers apparently don’t believe in because they seem to only enjoy the Terminator style of linear, single future time travel.

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