Fifth Time’s the Charm

elistone205Ten months ago, Eli Stone kicked off with one of the best pilot episodes I’ve ever seen. Over the course of the thirteen episodes that made up the first season, it steadily climbed through the ranks to become one of my favourite shows, and without a doubt the best new show to start last season. Needless to say, I was eagerly anticipating the second season.

When the season two bowed however, something was …off. I’m not sure what it was exactly, and I really wouldn’t be able to put my finger on it if asked, but something wasn’t quite the same. Even with the episodes I thought were excellent (2×02 and 2×04), they were somehow different from the excellent episodes that aired in the spring.

I was starting to worry, because either the series had somehow taken on mythical proportions in my memory over the course of the summer, or it had lost some elusive magic element. It was extremely frustrating, to watch a show and love it, and yet at the same time know it was mysteriously not living up to the potential I knew it had.

Luckily, I put off writing this article until after I’d watched this week’s ep. Because 2×05 was no longer missing… whatever it is that was missing. Finally, this is the show I’ve been wanting to see! This is the Eli Stone I remember from ten months ago. Everything just clicked, the characters, the interactions, the visions, the dialogue. Just when I’d started to fear Eli wouldn’t get his groove back (did I really just make that reference? Really?).

The strange thing is, I still don’t know just what it was that was wrong up to this point in season two. Sure, I thought making his brother Substitute Vision Guy was a poor choice, and there was his dad’s diary (though I will admit, they did get rid of it just as I was deciding it was a bad move), but then can I really say I loved every single choice made in the first season? These are merely the little quibbles every fan has with every show. No, it was something else, something evanescent. I’m beginning to think I’ll never figure out what was off about those episodes.

Lucky for me then that it doesn’t matter anymore. Looking forward to another, true ep of Eli Stone next Tuesday.


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~ by Jerk on November 20, 2008.

11 Responses to “Fifth Time’s the Charm”

  1. What if it’s Raising the Bar’s fault? What if MPG was just so awesome in the mean time that it changed what we were looking for in a lawyer drama?

    I also found out that Johnny Lee Miller is brittish. Again, something I should have known before but it changes a person. Bamber was never the same again.

  2. So you don’t remember that he was one of the main characters in Trainspotting then? Must have been blinded by the awesomeness of Zero Cool/Crash Override

  3. please refrain from pointing out my massive flaws in public.

  4. Other ways you could have learned this:
    -reading his IMDB bio
    -finding a video interview with him

  5. That’s how I did learn it, him on craig ferguson on youtube.

  6. Jumping back to your first point, I don’t really think you could classify RtB and Eli Stone as the same type of show.

  7. No, but I remember going I like RtB maybe even more than Eli Stone. I guess court rooms, I just put them together. I’d love to see MPG dance.

    Also? we need to write about that finale that was rather un-finale-y

  8. Correction I mean I’d love to see MPG dance again

  9. What, you mean like this?

  10. Exactly like that!

  11. What if episode 5 is the rarity of this season and it steadily gets worse and worse…. What if my typing that notion causes it to happen?

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