Gay in Space but not in a Hospital

threesome1Galactica Sitrep revealed this week that the new drought-relief webisodes for Battlestar Galactica will feature the distant future’s first noted gay couple.  I’ve heard the talk asking why this didn’t happen before but I honestly assumed it was because much like sexism ‘we’ as a race were just over it as an issue to the point where it was no longer noteworthy.  I’ll give Galactica the benefit that they feature different cultures and religions and that maybe all of the featured characters, representing the surviving people just happened to be straight.  Granted I wouldn’t be shocked to hear that Six identifies as a bisexual.   I won’t spoil who both the characters are but I am going to spoil one, (Because it’s everywhere already) the one that you were probably all expecting. Lt. Felix Gaeta.  I’m a little disappointed in this choice. (Even if I’m still pretty sure his leg is the final cylon)  Why? because he seemed the part?  because he was previously assumed to be gay?  Why not Adama and Tigh?  I guess that would be a little too fan-fic-tastic for BSG. 

So there’s people searching for Earth in the far distant future and then there’s people here on Earth now.  Grey’s Anatomy fans have been up in arms about the quick dismissal of Dr Hahn and I have to admit I’m a bit on the fence with this one.  If it’s about the network being afraid to show a different reality then that’s one thing and it’s wrong but I really felt like that wasn’t the reason Hahn was let go.  For me the storyline wasn’t working.  It felt as if their sexuality was being forced.  Yes, they were both experimenting but even at that it always seemed like two straight women playing gay. 

The writers hit it out of the park with the whole vajay-jay thing in previous seasons and has a reputation of being a show that goes there  but it seemed like Calli and Erica went there and never really came back.  I was cringing watching the two of them together and not because it made me uncomfortable but because I felt as if it was being untrue to the characters and the situation for the sake of a plot twist.   I guess that leaves me on the network’s side in all of this.  People were going to be upset that the character was effectively killed off and especially so quickly with such a strange send off but I don’t question that it was the right thing to do. 

It’s a sensitive subject for television writers, producers and actors and I’m glad to see that they are taking careful note of exactly what impact they can or could have on the culture around them based on how they deal with it.  For the most part I agree, the future in space is ready, perhaps the team behind Seattle Grace is not yet.  It should be noted that if Deadwood, a show set in the 1870s can feature a same sex kiss in it’s third season with no qualms about it then our times and readyness are hardly an excuse.  Deadwood is a show that I don’t think stopped to care what people might think of it.   I guess the difference between network and cable play a big role in what’s going on regarding this topic but I think it’s about time that changed.

– DoubleBitch

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~ by doublebitch on November 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Gay in Space but not in a Hospital”

  1. I didn’t really like the storyline either, but I don’t like that the network just stepped in and completely changed the writers and producers plans for the show. It should also be noted that Melissa George’s character was de-gayed before she even showed up, too. That actually annoys me far more than the Callica thing, like the network told them they couldn’t have any gay characters ever, or something.

  2. I guess the question is if it were a straight relationship that wasnt working what would they do? Answer: Kill them and then bring them back from the dead.

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