One thing I’ve come to accept from Smallville is that their versions of comic book characters, especially the superpowered ones, will be very different from the source material. Look at Aquaman, or Cyborg. Or more doomsday-comparison3drastically, anyone remember how they did Mxyzptlk? Now, it’s pretty obvious that they’ve changed Doomsday quite a bit, what with him having an alter-ego as a pouty paramedic. So it was pretty shocking when they actually showed (well, through heavy shadow, but it still counts) Doomsday for the first time, and he looked exactly like the comic book version. I never expected that to happen, ever, on Smallville. Honestly, I think this has a lot to do with the switch in showrunners this season.lana-bs

While I’m here, I may as well discuss a couple other things from this week’s ep. First of all, there was this quote from Lana. Really? Because, I’m pretty sure she didn’t. Half of her dialogue on the show was about how Clark was keeping secrets from her and how horrible that was. Even when she was kinda evil, and was keeping all sorts of secrets of her own, she kept going on about how horrible it was for anyone to not tell her everything about themselves as soon as they met her. I guess they’re trying to show how Lana has changed, maybe? I don’t buy it, this was clearly just total bullshit on her part.

Then we have that final shot of Lex plugged into the Matrix.matrix-lex This seemed both weird and unnecessary to me. Doomsday showing up, almost murdering Jimmy and running off King Kong-style with Chloe (where did he go, anyway? The Fortress? Why would he go there, to make Chloe freeze to death? Does he have his own Fortress?) made a quite suitable cliffhanger, I thought. Now we have Lex, using his Mental YouTube machine to watch Chloe’s wedding video. All naked and wirey. Actually, I think I just figured out why I didn’t really like that scene (other than the fact that it was really strange): It ruins my theory that the person sending the emails was Lionel. I’m still annoyed that he went out like a punk.

I’ll end this off with a question: Now that we have comic-accurate Doomsday, think there’s any chance of seeing Welling with cool ’90s hair at some point? I loved cool ’90s hair Superman.


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~ by Jerk on November 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Doomsday!”

  1. Award for best tag ever goes to Jerk for “Lana’s Bullshit” followed by “Incest” – which got us really creepy things on the tag surfer by the way.

  2. UHH you missed big parts! The fortress was turned black by brainiac last week and brainiac is like doomsday’s better half or something. It was calling to Davis in Chloe so it called to him from the fortress and he brought Chloe cause he’s confused or theres still some left in her.

    I also wanna know who Lana is working for, who sent her that text and who has a phone that looks like that?

    They should do a 90s hair episode, get Green in on it too and Aquaman. 90s hair Aquaman was kinda hot, in a little mermaid kinda way.

  3. Yeah, I completely forgot about Braniac taking over the Fortress.

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