ANTM: Manotocycle 11

Why is this show still going?  Or right, because it’s still bringing in more viewers than the CW’s top scripted shows and Dawn thinks the girls are pretty.  I wish I could get behind her running the network because she’s a woman.  I was really excited when it was first announced but someone forgot to tell me she grew up in a SweetValley High novel.  CW has the potential to compete with the networks, especially with this whole switch to digital thing coming up next month but they seemed more focused on how to walk without tripping over their JimmyChoos


Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  The final two didn’t surprise me all that much though if you’d asked me at the beginning I wouldn’t have put it past Tyra to keep the tranny there till the final round just to tell her she could almost do it but not really.  I don’t understand why this show needs Tyra anymore?  Isn’t she busy buying cars for Twilight fans after making them eat pie in front of their favorite stars?  The show doesn’t require Tyra.  I would watch it if they didnt even have the panel or the house.  Okay, maybe I like the house when they bring in hicks who don’t understand racism and when they go to Holland and decide they should be whores.  Did anyone see Stylista a few weeks back? that kid that freaked the fuck out?  I’m glad they sent him packing anyways.  Though if they’re going to bother showing us the house I think they should have some sort of commentary on it.  It should have some deciding factor in who wins or loses.

I know nothing about fashion so I really shouldn’t be talking, but I watch the show to see what they each come up with in the creative weekly shoots.  I think it’s interesting to see inside the world that always seems so flat and pressed on paper.  Tyra’s insanity mostly just scares me not to mention they’re taking the whole ‘audiences love repeption’ thing way too far.  Each ep is so structured it hurts, do I have to be introduced to Nigel Barker twice a week? after all these years?  Trust me, you’re not bringing in new viewers.

I really would have picked Sam to win, I liked her.  She seemed real and something about McKey’s face bothered me, maybe it was just her name.  I think a model should be pretty but again, I know nothing about modeling.  I wasn’t outraged with any of the decisions this cycle but they came up with some good photos.  It’s nice, don’t think, don’t strain just sit down with your ramen and be entertained kinda TV even if Tyra gives me nightmares.


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~ by doublebitch on November 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “ANTM: Manotocycle 11”

  1. I’m surprised you watch that show. Reality TV hurts my head in general.

  2. “It’s nice, don’t think, don’t strain just sit down with your ramen and be entertained kinda TV”
    Yeah, this shouldn’t exist.

  3. it’s my guilty pleasure show, you know other than One Tree Hill and Smallville.

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