Its Been a Long Eighteen Months

24-redemptionBut tomorrow night, finally, Jack is back with 24: Redemption, a delicious TV movie appetizer set to bridge the gap between seasons six and seven (apparently four years have passed since day six) before the main course begins early next year. I can’t help but think that the Redemption title is the producers way of acknowledging that season six sucked pretty hard, and that 24 will be back in top form now. How better to show this than to send Jack Bauer to Africa (presumably to cure AIDS and/or end world hunger by killing everyone)? Makes sense, after a decade of Bauer, that terrorists, assassins and assorted ne’erdowells would probably be giving LA a wide berth.

So, I figured it was time to give a fond look back at all the awesomeness that Bauer has brought to our lives over the years. Unfortunately, Progressive Boink’s 100 YouTube clips are all gone now, so I’ll have to make up something on my own.

24-chloeI’ve been thinking about 24 quite a bit lately. Not just because of the imminent return, but also because I’m planning to get my roommate into the show. Now, I was pretty late to the 24 party. I watched a fair bit of season one, but missed quite a few eps at the time, so I couldn’t get fully into the show. It wasn’t until the summer of ’06 when one of my friends kept bugging me about how awesome it was, that I went out and picked up the first season. And then the second. And the third and fourth. Then I downloaded season five as it wasn’t out on DVD yet. When all was said and done, I’d watched 120 episodes of Bauer in roughly a month.

There is a reason I mentioned that: You’d think, watching so much so fast, that it would all blur together and I’d forget a lot of the details.24-nina For some reason (that reason being the show is fucking awesome), it’s actually the opposite. So many scenes are still so clear in my head, and I remember all these awesome characters. So, for those of you who have watched 24, I’m going to list off a few names: Tony Almeida. Mike Novick. Edgar Stiles. George Mason. Mike Doyle. Aaron Pierce. Nina Meyers. Charles Logan. Chase Edmunds. Ryan Chappelle. Michelle Dessler. Alan York. Paul Raines. Lynne Kresge. Gael. Behrooz. Salazar. Drazen.

I bet you recognize some of those names. Probably more than some, I’d hazard to guess that to the average 24 fan, they remember almost all of those characters (some of them are even still alive!). Now, do you remember these: the Wall Run Neck Snap. Mason flying the plane. Terrorists killing Jack then bringing him back to life just so he could murder them. Chloe with automatic weapons. Chase’s hand. The Super Spin Kick. The first ten minutes of season five. The nuke going off. The other nuke going off. “I’m gonna need a hacksaw.” The cougar.

24-tony-heart1This is why the combination of one bad season (or more accurately, one bad half-season) and a long hiatus don’t worry me at all. Because 24 has given us a history of memorable characters, memorable scenes (even if the cougar was lame, it still sticks in your memory, doesn’t it?), solid dialogue, and top-of-the-line production values. On top of this, Howard Gordon and crew seem to be well aware of the criticism season six received, and they have worked their asses off to make sure they had something that would redeem the show, bring it back to its former glory.

I know eighteen months is a long time in television, so I hope this has helped to remind you all of just how awesome 24 has been. I can’t wait to see Jack Bauer rack up an even bigger body count tomorrow night, and I hope you can’t either. And just in case anyone hasn’t seen it, be sure to watch the season seven trailer. Now for my parting words:


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~ by Jerk on November 22, 2008.

5 Responses to “Its Been a Long Eighteen Months”

  1. I don’t watch so I dont really have anything good to say but you’re telling me that a show that makes a season last 24 hours has a movie that bridges 4 years? How the hell are they going to do that?

  2. The movie doesn’t cover the whole 4 years, it just takes place between the two seasons. Quick timeline lesson: one year of the show takes place over 24 hours, in continuity. So, if it was each consecutive day, a)this would be the worst week in the history of ever, and b)the characters would age way to quickly. Actually, fun fact: this four year jump (the biggest between seasons yet) will bring the continuity timeline up to 13 years.

  3. hmm interesting.

  4. That list of character names and scenes almost brought a tear to my eye….*sniff* memories.

  5. Then my plan succeeded!

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