Jerking Comedies

comedy-collageThis was a good week for comedies. Big Bang Theory actually tried something other than ‘Sheldon annoys everyone else’ and I think it worked pretty damn well. If they can continue to try new things like this, the show should have a bit of longevity. The Office hit that perfect Officey ness that just wasn’t quite there last week. HIMYM continued to work on making Marshall a comedy powerhouse, which I think is important. Leaning on Barney all the time for the best lines and gags is a little risky, so spreading the comedy around can only help the show. And 30 Rock… I know we’re only four eps into the new season, but I think this show has really hit its stride this season.

So, we have four smart, witty, well-written comedies. The best part? None of them are in risk for being cancelled (in fact, it looks like HIMYM may finally not be on the bubble come springtime). It wasn’t too long ago that the amazingness that was Arrested Development couldn’t even stay on the air, getting fewer and fewer episodes per season until finally being killed by Fox. Now we have four comedies that, though not at the same level as AD, are extremely well made. How did this happen in just a few years? Is it because none of them are on Fox, do other networks just have more faith that good comedies will find an audience? Or is the audience makeup changing, becoming more accepting of quality comedic writing?

I’m not sure why exactly these shows are able to remain afloat, but I’m very happy that they are. For a long time, the number of comedies I was watching was dwindling, but in the last couple years that trend has reversed. If AD had come out now, I’d like to think it would have found the audience it needed.


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~ by Jerk on November 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Jerking Comedies”

  1. At least Arrested Development is getting a movie.

  2. I think this same thing is happening in the film market. Five..or more years ago it was Ben Stiller and Will Farrel running the comedy market now we’ve got Rogan and.. still some ben stiller wich is odd but in the case of Will Farrel he’s been replaced.

    Somehow I also blame this on King of Queens being really funny and on forever.

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