Reality Television

It can be a long week wading through a sea of Denny and Izzy’s and Parkman and Daphne’s but it’s always refreshing to settle down with a nice cup of coco and a little time with Pam and Jim.

jimpamkissTo be honest, after waiting so long for them to get together, I was a little worried about Pam and Jim this season with their separation.  They were always great and were still their same old selves even when they were apart but there’s nothing quite like Pam and Jim back together again in the office.  Something seemed off without her there but I think that’s exactly what they were going for.  The other relationships on this show are ridiculously hilarious, (anyone notice Kelly and Ryan have been dressing alike lately?)  A Dwight triangle?  It’s fantastic but none of these could be pulled off the way they are without Pam and Jim holding down the fort.  The relationship is so real.  Jim does real things and Pam gives real responses and that’s why I’m not worried about them.  They’re my break from all the crazy drama or totally implausible relationships on TV.  I love a great romance, someone just finally figured out how to make a real one as touching on the screen as it would be to be a part of.  It’s good to have them back.


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~ by doublebitch on November 22, 2008.

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