YouTubeLive Misses the Point

youtube20logoAs I mentioned before, I am a YouTube addict, like I needed something else to waste my time with.  I am a slave to the related videos sidebar and have spent many nights awake filling my head with useless 3 minute segments of entertainment.  YouTube its a unique creature in of itself.  It’s live as far as the video format goes but then at the same time it’s not live.  It’s on demand and it’s interactive.  Have you seen the new feature that lets you hear your comments?  Audio Preview?  Amazing.  I think it’s these features, not the audio preview the other things, that make YouTube so great and addictive.  You can watch the same stupid video 15 times in a row or you can find out how to make dinner.  It’s useful and entertaining.

These are the things they forgot about when they decided to do YouTube Live.  I didn’t watch the whole show.  I tuned in for about 45 minutes and then lost interest.  That’s not to say there weren’t great segments or really funny skits but for the most part it lacked what we love about YouTube.  There’s something about capturing the moment and much like the reason that a lot of film actors aren’t stage actors some people have it live and other people don’t.  Generally if you’re on YouTube, you don’t.

Even the Mythbuster guys lacked a certain luster I’ve come to expect from them.  I would have been more impressed with a picture than the jackass rip-off they decided to pull.  Tay Zonday will never stop being funny.  I follow him on twitter, totally worth it.  I usually love What the Buck but he was nervous. They really lost me when they brought out the kids stacking cups.  That’s another great thing about YouTube it captures moments that are amazing, like that baby getting kicked by the break dancer.   Those kids staking cups like mad was probably pretty awesome in the video, live? not so much.  They followed it with a humanitarian award and they lost me.  I get that the site is really useful for that kind of thing but for the most part that’s not what people use it for.

Is this an annual thing?  I’m not sure that would be such a great idea.  It’s going to turn into the MVA’s of streaming video which I’d be afraid would have an effect on people’s motives when posting.  Highlight of the night goes to Charlie the Unicorn getting Rickrolled.  Was it wrong of me to think that was Dean with tenticals at first?

If you made it through this post without watching one extra video I didn’t link? Congrats, you’re a saint.

– DoubleBitch

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~ by doublebitch on November 23, 2008.

One Response to “YouTubeLive Misses the Point”

  1. I liked Bo Burnhams song, but they freaked out and cut off his mike because he said shit(Swearing? On the Internet?! Not on my watch!).

    Also, I waited through that entire thing to see the Happy Tree Friends skit and it was just one of their loading screens with a youtube logo on the side. I guess I must have been watching the Ebaumsworld stream.

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