*insert introduction similar to DoubleBitch’s here*

Jerk’s “myTV5” friends:

5-dickDick Casablancas would be the guy to phone if you’re in the mood to hang out, drink, or both. His combination of boredom and wealth means he’d be up for doing things with little or no prior warning. He’s also always up for a game of ‘throw a Polaroid of your junk off the balcony and see who picks it up,’ which is a harder game to find people to play than you’d think. Dick’s a good friend, if something of a dick (that’s right, no irony here!), but he’s slowly maturing and as a result, getting more awesome with each passing year, so it stands to reason that the longer  you know him, the more you’d like hanging out with him. It may be best to avoid using the word ‘beaver’ around him though.

5-tonyTony Almeida is someone you would want to phone if you were ever in trouble. Years of working at CTU and working support for Jack Bauer mean he’s able to react well in a crisis. One downside could be that he does have a tendency to speak in a breathy whisper with clipped speech, so you may have trouble hearing him if you called from a noisy area. He’s also occasionally presumed dead for several years, during which time he probably wouldn’t answer his phone, as that would give away his still-living-ness. But if he was in your 5, you may just be in on it, in which case you could ignore that previous statement.

5-lindseyLindsey McDonald is here because I liked DoubleBitch’s idea of having a lawyer on your 5, and it seems especially prudent if you’re going to be spending much time with Dick. Just like Jerry, he brings awesome hair to the table, as well as a great singing voice and an awesome fake hand. Sometimes he can be a bit dark and brooding, but if you can get him out off the office and thinking about something other than work, this shouldn’t really be a problem. Lindsey would probably want to go to country bars though, so hanging out with him and Dick at the same time could prove difficult. Oh, do weird suburban hell dimensions have cell reception? Because he may be in one of those from time to time.

5-benBen Linus always has a plan, access to pretty much anywhere in the world, and a creepy stare. If you ever need something, especially information on someone, Ben would be the guy to call. He does tend to spend a lot of time on an island that doesn’t have cell reception, but that shouldn’t be a problem for the foreseeable future. Ben doesn’t like to drink as much as the others on this list, but if you want to hang out and discuss something, chances are he’d be able to contribute to the conversation regardless of the topic. If you need a place to stay, there’s a good chance that Ben could show you to a hotel with a room permanently held available that you could use.

5-willowWillow Rosenberg rounds out my 5. It’s always good to have someone geeky and computer savvy who you can talk to, and she taught a computer class while still in high school, she knows her computers. She’ll also help you out in the event that you ever need to cast a spell, break a spell, or just need a little more knowledge on the occult. DoubleBitch had Bobby, but Willow would be my lifeline for EvilMillionaire. And she’s actually gone evil before, so I think that could give me the edge there. She’s also best friends with a Slayer, which could come in handy sometime.


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~ by Jerk on November 24, 2008.

6 Responses to “MyTV5-b”

  1. I’m kind of surprised you didn’t take Marshall Erikson as your laywer friend. Not only is he funny and always up for drinking. He’s a loyal friend and would most likely bring his wife along with him. (Which would mean 2 Alyson Hannigan’s). The only reason I could see you keeping him out of your 5 is because he would kick your ass on game night.

  2. He was on the original list I made, before I started narrowing it down. I think it started with 14 people on it.

  3. Love Dick…er…well you know what I meant! Love Ben! Love Willow! Great list!

  4. haha it’s okay, I love Dick too.

  5. Okay, so it’s 10:25 am and all I’ve done today is make up a myTV5. Thanks guys, here it is:

    Seely Booth – He’s my “law guy” and he’s hot. Also, you gotta think about who his friends are too, right? He’s got Bones and her whole team at the Jeffersonian…I’m pretty friendly, I think I could infiltrate his group.

    Logan Echolls – Okay, so there’s already been talk about how awesome a friend he’d be, but truthfully, we’d be dating if he was on my 5. I would tailor his bad-boy ways to my bad-girl ways and it’ll be a match made in heaven. LOL. And if we weren’t dating, then he’d still be good to hang out with on my emo-days.

    Micah Sanders – He’ll make me rich. And I’m very not tech-savvy, so he’d be a huge help with the techy side of life for me. He’s not a brat, which is awesome, and he’s also got really good familial connections.

    Doug Wilson – Highly entertaining. A huge perv, but I heard he’s got a lot to “offer”…And unlike Maria Mermex, we’ll have SOMETHING in common, like language perhaps?

    This last spot was a toughy to fill, only because most of the shows I watch are reality TV. I have a lot of “friends” in reality TV, (sad) but in the end…

    Brittany Flickinger – Is the winner! Well, technically it’ll probably be a little difficult to get in touch with her if she becomes Paris’ new BFF, but I think she’s pretty cool. And in a line-up of dudes, it’d be nice to have a fun chick around to party with.

    This was pretty fun.

  6. YAY Chris! Very nice picks. Good to know I’m keeping you from doing your job.

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