Tis almost the season.  The season for phone companies to try to sell you a new phone or convince you to buy one for someone.  If you haven’t figured this out yet, it’s a bad idea.  A phone and or phone contract is not something you buy someone.  It’s like buying your friend a puppy they don’t have time for.  None the less the subways and TV’s are bombarding you with reasons why you should buy a phone.   A popular phone promotion is something called My5 or something like that where you get 5 people that you can call for free or that can call you unlimitedly.  The question would be who would be in your 5?  Probably your mom and your girlfriend and your therapist but that’s boring.  I want to know which TV characters you would want in your 5. 

DoubleBitch’s “myTV5” friends:

sv05_raikune1Clark Kent.  Everyone knows he uses Sprint so I guess that narrows you down to a service provider but they have pretty sleek phones that are good for top secret spying and calling for help when you’re about to get beat up by your date.  Clark Kent is the guy you’d love to have one call away.  Hell you can even call him from the future.  He likes a good puzzle like that.  You know he’d always answer his phone, unless he was in the phantom zone or in the fortress but you could always text, there’s pretty good reception there I hear.  He’s always got his phone on him and loves to talk, so as long as you’re okay with the occasional long blank pause and him not really getting any of your jokes he’s total top 5 material.   He’s great with dogs and kids. He might even come with bonus features like cartoons or clues from Lex.  six across is pineapple – X

may20_50Bobby Singer – I debated over this one for a while.  Dean is pretty awesome and he’s been around the block but Bobby is the guy who has the answers, he knows lots of spells and he even speaks Japanese.  He’s the guy you want to be your lifeline on Who Wants to be an EvilMillionaire.  You’d always have a place to crash and there’s a good chance he could scrounge up some sort of working vehicle when yours breaks down.  I also enjoy his accent.


Daphne Parkman..I mean Millbrook seems like she’d be someone you could really talk to.  She might talk a mile a minute and she has been whispering a lot lately, not to mention her boyfriend could probably read your mind over the phone so there’d be no secrets but she could help you out in a pinch.  That one last trip to the store the minute before closing or if you were in a bind for money she wouldn’t have any problem stealing something for you as long as she got something out of it too.  I think the best thing about having Daphne in your 5 would be that she’s on the inside track.  You’d always know whats going on because she plays the fence like nobodys business.  Maybe you could conference call her and Clark and make them race.

vlcsnap-5868195Bert Wysocki, This man would always be up for anything you had in mind.  Drinks? Pizza at 9am?  Dress up in spandex and battle a fire demon?  Hell yes!  In combination with Bobby, Sock would be the ultimate buddy.  Not to mention you would never be short on the laughs or home repair supplies.


2967121Jerry Kellerman has passion and eats out every meal so you’d never have to eat alone again.  He doesn’t mind skipping out on work for a good reason and he’s a lawyer.  Jerry would be the guy you called when you needed someone to listen, someone to empathize or someone to get in a bar fight with you and Sock.  He knows all the right people to get you out of jail and he’s got a mean right hook.  Did I mention the great hair?


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~ by doublebitch on November 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “MyTV5”

  1. Since you used Dick on your other list, I’m kinda surprise Logan Echolls didn’t make this one. How could you not want one of his wisdom of the day messages brightening your day every day?

  2. Sorry, just realized two different people’s lists. Well, Logan still rules! 🙂

  3. I was just thinking about that! I forgot about his voicemails that would make him totally worth it. I guess the whole emo thing half the time might keep him from being high on the list but he’d be a good time when Veronica wasn’t being stupid.

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