The time Tim Kring told me he was Sorry -Again

Only days later Tim Kring released a statement saying he was sorry and just trying to be cute. (Heroes Creator Apoligzies to Saps, Full letter here) I’m not sure if you’ve seen this man but cute is not something I figure he is often.  Yeah, yeah, I’m being mean but I’m still a little bitter about the whole situation.

atm1 The interwebs seem to be abuzz with fans who are either outraged or annoyed that people are outraged.  Sure it’s a little bit of over reacting but I’m not sure it’s understood just how personally people take these shows.  If the coach of the Dallas Cowboys got up and called all the people who attend the game live morons he probably wouldn’t have his job long.

atm21Kring finishes off the apology by saying the only way he can make it up to fans is by making the show really great in the next half of the year, which he says he’s already done.  Should we remind you that in the same panel last week he told us he was moving to an episodic style and that he personally had written 5 episodes this season – all by himself.  Great! Thanks.

atm31Everyone’s fixated on how we can fix Heroes.  I think one of the biggest issues with Heroes is that they allow themselves to admit defeat.  The people running the show and even the actors took on the en-mass fan view that season 2 was bad.  I didn’t think season two was bad.  Hell, I think this season’s been pretty damn awesome except for the ill placed/thought out flash back ep a few weeks back.  For example, when Katherine Heigl bashed her own show saying it wasn’t good all hell broke loose.  Shonda Rhymes wasn’t having any of that and even if I do agree with Heigl, I think that’s the way it should be.  We want confidence in a leader and that leader in turn needs to tell his actors that they should stand strong and proud in their work or fire them if it’s not working.  Essentially they need to put on their big girl panties and get back to work.

I guess I forgive you Tim, but you’re still sleeping on the couch.


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~ by doublebitch on November 24, 2008.

6 Responses to “The time Tim Kring told me he was Sorry -Again”

  1. Totally agree with you about them admitting defeat. There’s always going to be those negative fans who claim they hate the show and zomg its so bad wtf are they doing, but they must be doing something right becuase they’re still watching. If there’s ever a show that I truly don’t like anymore, I’ve simply stopped watching. If theses people really hated the show and where it was going, they wouldn’t be watching anymore. Some people just like to criticize and point out the bad.

  2. I think the real problem here is that Heroes has a big cross-pollination of TV Internet fandom and comic book Internet fandom. Comic book fans on the Internet generally just bitch about stuff, and how horrible the book/artist/writer/editor/et cetera is, and how they’re ruining everything.

    Okay, the real problem is still that Kring listened to the Internet fans in the first place, but the fact that quite a few of them were comic book geeks didn’t help matters at all.

    Question: if the rest of season 3 sucks, will that mean Kring refuses to apologize and does consider his viewers dipshits?

  3. I’ll tell you how to fix Heroes. Cancel it and make the Powers television series.

  4. Thats true, I think if people didnt love it a little they really would quit watching. And yes, geeks are bitches. If season 3 sucks it will be a total slap in the face to fans. Kinda like his condecending appology.

  5. I think the problem is that most of you posting on this site work for or hope to work for NBC.
    Or you’re just a sap or dip-shit for still watching a show, after the show’s writer called you a moron, MORON.

  6. It’s true. If you put ‘I still watch Heroes’ on your application, NBC will instantly hire you.

    Alternately, Kring’s comments could taint our views of him personally, and not the show itself.

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