Change the Shirt, Save the World

normal_5x01_0009No Smallville fan will fight you on the fact that the show’s “fresh” new season has been leaping and bounding with each new episode in exactly the direction we’ve all been waiting for.  A lot of people would credit this to PS3, the new producing team over at Smallville who haven’t been afraid to shake things up.  Or some might connect it with Lana Lang taking a nice 10 episode hike.  I, on the other hand, beg to differ.  I think it’s been the new rack in the wardrobe trailer that has changed everything.

prectwoprecguilty1It might seem like the frying pan to the face “I AM SUPERMAN” Red jacket, blue shirt has always been around but that’s not entirely true.  For the first few seasons we saw red shirts, lighter blue shits, white shirts even a yellow shirt one time.  We even saw a few different flavors of plaid.  There was a short while that Clark even wore a beige jacket.   These aren’t counting the times we’ve seen him under the influence, which causes him to immediately realize that he’d really like to wear black or green and maybe some leather.  Yeah, more leather.  Lex likes leather. 

normal_807smallville0302normal_802smallville0065This red outside with the creamy blue inside all started near the end of season 4, right around the same time he kept getting naked so often.  Maybe it was a contenuity thing, if he’s not naked, he should probably have this on.  Clark went to China and was never really the same.  Maybe he should have started a little slower, a sight seeing trip to Bush Gardens, or a crazy weekend in Mexico.  It was such a culture shock that the farm boy came back and never changed his clothes again.  Occasionally he’d be feeling frisky or possessed and reverse the colors but he always returned to the good old standard. 

normal_810smallville0651In comes season 8 and everything changes.  He’s accepting his destiny!  He’s saving the day, he’s eating fast food at this desk all night listening to the police scanners.  He’s makin’ coppies.  He’s even dealing pretty well with Chloe being a total bitch half the time.  These are things that he never could have done in a Hanes shirt and a k-mart jacket.  I saw that jacket on a small naked man earlier this year and I’ve gotta say it does look pretty warm.  Maybe he kept it around for trips to the Fortress or maybe it was all he could afford to keep burning through all the time or getting Lana’s blood on.   Either way, I’m happy for the change and support his further personal fashion exploration and or destiny finding.


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~ by doublebitch on November 25, 2008.

5 Responses to “Change the Shirt, Save the World”

  1. Naked Spock wasn’t small! He was just not Welling-sized.

  2. Naked Spock was shorter than Rosenbaum

  3. Well to be fair, he was barefoot.

  4. he had booties on, booties with wings.

  5. I thought the wings were just attached to his feet?

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