Random Question #2

Everyone knows how Jensen was originally cast as Sam, but then switched to Dean when they found Jared, right? So here’s a question for all of you:

If they hadn’t found Jared, and Jensen had stayed in the role of Sam Winchester, who would be his Dean?

jensen-samFirst of all, I think the dynamic between the brothers would have to be completely different, as Jensen’s Sam would be very different from Jared’s. Plus, how would you out-Jensen Jensen? You couldn’t, it’s impossible. Anyway, this was intended to be a quick post, and then I did all the photoshop, so I’m not gonna spend a bunch more writing an essay here, just quick and concise. My choice would be Eric Dane. He’s actually only six years older than Jensen, and I think they could pull of related quite well.


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~ by Jerk on November 25, 2008.

5 Responses to “Random Question #2”

  1. I can’t decide if that’s the worst thing you’ve done to Jensen or to Jared.

  2. okay now reply, You just love Eric Dane. I guess the question really comes down to how Jensen is Dean? You asked how you could out Jensen Jensen but potentially you’d be trying to out Dean Jensen which I guess you probably answered in your wording of that but yeah, Just how Jensen is Dean? If the answers very jensen then I guess we’re really casting who could play jensen. Like in the jensen life story. So then my vote would be Eric VonDetten in like 5 years.

    Jensen count in this comment: 8
    I dare anyone to beat that and still make sense.

  3. I do love Eric Dane, but he could also totally pull off Jensen’s older brother. And what I was getting at was the other side of how Jensen Dean is: If Dean is very much Jensen (which I think he is), then with Jensen playing Sam, it stands to reason that Sam would now be very much Jensen, and thus very much Dean as we know him. So it wouldn’t so much be about casting someone else who could also play Dean, but casting someone who could play Jensen’s older brother, and still fit into the show well.

    Jensen count: 7. Dammit.

  4. So what we’re saying is that Jensen’s not so much acting as just always being awesome?

  5. I think his personality cannot be contained. It leaks through all of his characters, as if he was made of the awesomeium isotope.

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