Welcome to Lawrence

ks-35-cgreetings-from-lawrence-kansas-postersEverybody knows when it comes to home, there’s no place like Kansas.  Even Clark Kent made his home there but there’s another town that’s buzzing with hero back story activity.  Lawrence, Kansas we now know is home to not only the Winchesters but also Daphne Millbrook.  Of all the towns in all the land I had to know, what’s so great about Lawrence?  wmplayer202008-10-052016-03-39-16

Supernatural made Lawrence look like a residential town, with a car dealership, a barber shop and a diner.  So far, all we know about the Lawrence of Heroes is that you can grow corn near it, corn thick enough to hide Parkman wearing black only a few stalks deep. They have Sam’s Comic’s with two really funny guys working in it and apparently people really like the hulk there.

wmplayer202008-10-052016-02-11-14wmplayer202008-10-052016-05-45-16If all these things are true, it must be an awesometown.  So I decided to check it out.  To the Wikimobile!  Lawrence, Kansas is home to over 88,000 and has been destroyed by nuclear war twice!… on film in the movie The Day After and the show Jericho.  It’s home to the University of Kansas and the Jayhawks.  I don’t even know what sport they play.  In the 40s two men started a film studio that jump started  Hollywood careers but all it came up with for names was some guy who did a cult horror film.  Maybe there are lots of residual Lawrence guys kicking around the back lots somewhere paying homage to their home town, or maybe Heroes fired their fact checker and just figured it’d never been used before.  Either way, I’m starting to want to go there.


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~ by doublebitch on November 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “Welcome to Lawrence”

  1. It should also be noted that John Connor’s fake self is originally from Lawrence as well. Even people who aren’t from Lawrence, like to pretend that they are!

  2. Oh I forgot too, it’s the home of black Aaron Douglas. They have a mural for him.

  3. I think I’m sensing an impending road trip…

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