Where are his pants?!

Sometimes guts and goo really help get the point across.  Ohh! It’s scary and weird.  Like when that guy got a table saw though the chest on that ep of supernatural or the time Dick and Veronica went dumpster diving for the ass egg.  Those things are gross.  They make you go, uh, I wouldn’t do that.  But how much is enough?

I’ll tell you.  Slimy Mohinder and his webdream.  I almost lost my dinner right there in the middle of the episode when I had to watch a naked man slither out of a watery cocoon of goo and web.  I still don’t understand why he got a gross animal power when nobody else did.  I also don’t understand where his pants went considering he was wearing layers of clothing the last time we saw him.  Maybe he just wiggled around a lot and it got bunched up and was in that placenta thing that fell out after him.  Yeah, still gross.  Watch it again if you dare.

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~ by doublebitch on November 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “Where are his pants?!”

  1. Remember that deleted scene where Lex was in a slime cocoon? I think it’s one of the people who went from Smallville to Heroes, and that they’re always trying to get scenes with naked men in slimy cocoons.

  2. This is fully possible.

    Also thank you for fixing my dash.

  3. One of the best things about the co-blogging, we can proofread. That, and the comment talks.

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