A 24 tribute to Aaron Pierce

24: Redemption has put me in a pretty Bauer frame of mind, so when I decided that I’d like to write another piece about a character tonight, my mind naturally wandered to those from 24. Now 24 has had a ton of truly awesome characters over the years, but it seemed like the one most deserving of an article was the only man other than Jack Bauer to make an appearance in every single season of the show, and that man is Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce.

aaron-pierce-01Aaron first appeared in the show’s second episode, as head of security for Presidential candidate Senator David Palmer. Already a veteran of the Secret Service since Reagan, it would take several years before we started to learn a bit more about Aaron’s backstory. During this time he faithfully served Senator Palmer, staying with him as he became President, and then continuing to serve the numerous Presidents to follow. The 24 ‘verse is very hard on its Presidents.

Over the years, Aaron remained a relatively minor character to the series, though the one-two punch of being both a confidante to the people in power and a friend of Jack Bauer’s meant he could always be counted on to grease the political wheels in the general direction of ‘day saving’, even when it put him at risk. Aaron was always willing to do what was needed to fight for justice, any way he could. This seemed to be Aaron’s fated role in 24, and his days of seeing action were now far behind him. Until Day 5 came along.

aaron-pierce-02it was during Day 5 that Aaron Pierce made the switch from helpful friend and trusted confidante to Ultimate Badass, through such acts as finally teaming up with Jack, standing up to a corrupt President, winning the heart of the First Lady, and of course blowing up a terrorist armed with a flamethrower. One of the many problems with season six was the almost complete lack of Aaron, and I hope season seven will make up for that. We need more of Ultimate Badass Aaron, not I-picked-up-the-groceries Aaron. If one person deserves to see a return to glory with Day 7, it’s…. okay, it’s Tony. But I’d still like to see Aaron back in action, dammit!


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~ by Jerk on November 26, 2008.

One Response to “A 24 tribute to Aaron Pierce”

  1. i totally agree — we need Aaron to make SOME kind of appearance this season! i just found out on a 24 Wiki that there wactually ANOTHER secret service agent that appeared in all previous seasons..a guy named John…

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