Watching Re-runs

BSG0306_PH1025I was watching back on an episode of Battlestar Galactica with my father last night after I’d given him this big spiel about how amazing it was.  It was “Where everybody knows your name”  an ep where chief and Lee went to the bar and Sam and Starbuck went over their marital problems oh and Tigh, Adama and the prez went about terrorizing Baltar.  Yeah you remember now.

I go on and on about how BSG was amazing and it is.  I will never really change my mind on that but I’m also the kind of person to watch things from beginning to end.  One offs can be totally different.  This ep by itself felt like a soap in space.  I wasn’t that impressed.  This brings up a couple questions.

First, when is it no longer the responsibility of the show to entice people to keep watching?  Is it a number of viewers? is it a number of seasons or episodes?  and secondly does watching a show consecutively give us a different view, perhaps biased, of how great a show or episodes are?


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~ by doublebitch on November 26, 2008.

One Response to “Watching Re-runs”

  1. I think it’s more that, having x episodes behind you, you can get more out of less in a new episode. You’re already familiar with the backstory, the characters, etc. I think that does give you a different view of an ep, than someone new to the series would have. But then, something like BSG is extremely episodic compared to something like Law & Order. Some shows are made so that you can tune in to any ep, some are made to be watched from the start.

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