The Top Ten Dead Supernatural Characters of All Time!

I wasn’t really sure what to write for today, but then I remembered two important facts: Firstly, people love Jensen, even if it’s only Jensen by proxy. Secondly, people love lists. So here we are, a list of the best dead Supernatural characters. I should point out that this list only contains characters that are currently dead, thus excluding any Sam or Dean. Or Dean. Or Dean again.

top-10-jessica10.) Jessica

Kicking off the list with Sam’s last living girlfriend (not as in still living because, well, list. But as in she was alive when they were going out. You know what I mean), who was killed by the yellow-eyed demon, way back when he was alive and we didn’t know his name. I think he killed her because she wouldn’t give him any of the cookies she’d baked. There are no cookies in hell.

top-10-andy9.) Andy

My favourite of the psychic kids (second-favourite until Ava turned evil), owner of an awesome van, a fine bong, a bunch of philosophy books and a genuine evil twin. He never used his Jedi mind trick powers for evil, and before he got killed by Ava (grrrr) he even managed to send a psychic S.O.S. to Dean that… well now that I think about it, it didn’t get anyone rescued did it? Well, it let Dean find Sam before he was really dead! That counts right? Yaaaay Andy!

top-10-samuel8.) Samuel

Sam and Dean’s grandpa, and Sam’s namesake, Samuel was also a hunter. He didn’t think too highly of John Winchester, even though he was ironically quite a lot like who John would become after Mary’s death. He was killed by the yellow-eyed demon while he possessed him, and was therefore spared having to make out with his daughter.


Gordon Walker was a hunter who specialized in hunting vampires and Sam Winchesters before being vamp’d himself, and then decapitated when he overestimated a Sam Winchester he was hunting. Clearly he wasn’t nearly as skilled in his specializations as he thought he was. Gordon had a car with a much fancier weapons cache than Dean’s, and a best friend who was creepy and religious.

top-10-bela6.) Bela

Bela Talbot is the Selina Kyle of the SPN ‘verse (and we all know who the Batman is, nudge nudge ship), responsible for such acts as forcing Sam to dance with a drunk old lady, and removing the Colt from the show. Sam fantasized about her, and she offered angry sex to Dean, so there was a classic love triangle going on there. Because she died when her demony deal came due, I’m still hoping for her to return at some point with a red welty handprint somewhere.

top-10-ash5.) Ash

Doctor Badass is familiar with the supernatural and likes a good Pabst Blue Ribbon, so he made the obvious decision to move into a hunter’s bar. Being fairly limited in his options, he ended up in Harvelle’s Roadhouse. Before being burned to death by (presumably) demons, Ash put his partial MIT education to use helping the Winchesters in exchange for their half-finished beers. He also rocked a truly epic mullet.

top-10-azazel4.) Yellow-Eyed Demon/Azazel

Azazel got the Winchesters into the hunting business as a side effect of his mysterious and far-reaching plan (or was that a part of his plan? Very mysterious!), when Mary interrupted him while feeding Sam some of his demon blood. Eventually killed by Dean with the help of Ghost Dad, though it seems that may have been insufficient to halt Azazel’s plans. Did make for some good revenge, though.

top-10-meg3.) Meg

I guess this can be seen as cheating, as really this is two characters, Meg the demon and Meg the possessee, and only Girl Meg is dead. However I think her appearance this season has now given us enough of Girl Meg that I can count her on this list. Meg spent most of her SPN time being possessed by Azazel’s daughter, during which time she was thrown out a window. This meant that when the demon was exorcised, Meg died a few minutes later. Very upset about Sam/Ruby 2.0, though that may just be because she’s a fan of the show.

2.) Henricksen

Special Agent Victor Henricksen of the FBI was long a thorn in the Winchesters’ sides, until he finally learned that they weren’t crazy cultist mass murderers, and that demons actually did exist. He takes this revelation remarkably well, quickly deciding to leave the FBI and become a hunter. It seems likely that he would have become a great ally to Sam and Dean, and a pretty badass hunter, had Lilith not shown up and murderized him. One of my least favourite deaths on the show, as I was really looking forward to him popping up again sometime next season in full hunter mode.

top-10-john1.) John Winchester

The obvious choice for the number one spot on the list, Sam and Dean’s father traded his life for Dean’s after a demonic automotive accident. He then crawled out of hell eight months later (80 years in hell time) in order to finally kill the yellow-eyed demon. He hasn’t been seen since then, though there was one time when a Crocotta totally prank called Dean. It would be nice to see some more of Ghost Dad on SPN, even if it was just more fake calls to Dean. It seems unlikely that we’d get anything more than that, as JDM is busy putting Izzie in a ghost abusive relationship on Grey’s. Though to be fair, if John did show up again, someone would probably pop up with a ghost-killing knife and shank him. Then he’d be double dead.


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~ by Jerk on November 28, 2008.

8 Responses to “The Top Ten Dead Supernatural Characters of All Time!”

  1. hon mention to the Teddy Bear

  2. I dunno, does ‘reverting back to an inanimate object’ count as ‘dying’? Because he totally failed at suicide.

  3. Henricksen – I truly did mourn the passing of thee.

  4. HOLY f’n spoiler’s batman!

  5. ah I think you coulda guessed all those. I mean, two were dead to begin with and one was Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

  6. I also think the title may have been some indication.

  7. No Mary? No Ava? No Deanna? 😦 But BELA? I shan’t mourn her xD

  8. Yeah I’d vote for Mary too.

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