There's a difference

There’s a difference between exploring plot discrepancies to learn more about the ‘verse and just nit picking.  When I harp on Clark Kent wearing a coat it’s not nit picking.  Maybe he likes wearing a coat.  Maybe that tells me something about him, that something just happens to be that he’s a little neurotic but aren’t we all?   Nit picking is where you cross the nerd/fandom line.  It’s when you go from being a member of fandom to being a hater and a troll.

What brought this on?  Daphne.  My favorite new character on Heroes.  People are nit picking and they’re being stupid in the process.  Prepare to be spoiled but Daphne can’t walk properly on her own. She is handicapped.  So when the eclipse took away her powers she could no longer walk.  Enter nit picker who brings up the time with Ando and Hiro and the Haitian in the back of the movie theatre.  The Haitian creates a loss of power they ask why didn’t she fall to the ground.  Mr Troll screams Plot hole!  No, you moron, it’s not a plot hole.  The Haitian creates a blockage of powers not an absence of.  The character is still in possession of the power, they just can’t use it.  So Daphne’s legs work just very slowly.  He doesn’t stop her from moving just like he doesn’t stop Nathan from being able to hop.  The eclipse removed the power, removed from them.  It’s totally different.  Now stop being a dick, shut up and wait for Monday like the rest of us.  Seth Green is going to save the day.


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~ by doublebitch on November 28, 2008.

One Response to “There's a difference”

  1. lmao, I love it! Rant away!!!

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