Here’s an interesting question: which shows are really rewatchable? Now, of course your fandom(s) of choice will always have plenty of rewatch value for you. So, I’m not going to include those in here (which is hard on me, really. I’m surprised we’ve gone this far without me writing some sort of Whedon spectacular), as that’s 100% personal preference. I’m also talking about series as a whole here, most every show has a couple standout episodes that you can’t go wrong with. So, what shows have so much going on, so many layers to them, so much creamy nougat filling that you can find new things, hints and clues, jokes, levels of meaning, or what have you with consecutive viewings? For me, there are really only two shows that I’d say qualify. Well, two shows and this.

bsg-hotdogThe first of these shows is Battlestar Galactica. BSG is just so intelligently written (except for when Lee is off hanging with his Space Hooker and her kid), that rewatching it with knowledge of the direction it will be headed in should cast the show in a bit of a different light. I think it would be particularly interesting to use a second pass to follow the arcs of certain characters a bit more closely. Now granted, what I’m talking about here really focuses more on the big picture. I’m sure there are a few episodes that the rewatching of won’t result in any epiphanies. I also know that they really did only have a rough idea of the direction the show would be going in, so it would be impossible for there to be say, clues as to the final Cylon in the miniseries.

The other show blows BSG away in terms of rewatchability. With Arrested Development, the jokes and sight gags are packed so tightly that a second viewing will be required just to catch all the things you missed due to your own laughter the first time. This is to mention nothing of the excellent foreshadowing throughout AD, to the level that many episodes contain gags you wouldn’t even notice until you’d watched an episode from half a season later. Not only will AD reveal new layers upon a second viewing, but this will continue for several more viewings to follow.

arrested-developmentAgree? Disagree? Feel free to yell at me for any glaring omissions.


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~ by Jerk on November 30, 2008.

8 Responses to “Rewatchability”

  1. for me the re-watching of a series sometimes depends on how long it was. Smallville? I will not rewatch but thats probably for other reasons. I think Veronica Mars has rewatchability because it twists, then again sometimes the shows with the big reveals are less watchable. Uhh I dont know.

  2. I think VMars is rewatchable more for the dialogue than the twists, which to me would put it into the ‘fandom’ category.

  3. uh but if you’re discluding all things that are good as fandom…
    like what fandom is that exactly? Rob Thomas? because I think you need to love more than one thing by a person to consider them a fandom

  4. VMars fandom? I think the show is unique enough that it counts. ‘Bigger than the sum of its parts’ and all that.

  5. VMars is bigger than Dohring? I dunno…

  6. Dick. Also, Mac.

  7. I think length definately has something to do with re-watchability. Comedies are more re-watchable as I’ve seen almost every episode of The Office and How I met your Mother at least twice, not to mention all the DVD series I own.

    Something that I find not re-watchable but should be more is Lost. One would think that because it is so complex you would want to watch the episodes multiple times to catch things, but the show relies far to heavily on the cliffhanger ending, so going back to an episode destroys all the excitement.

    Another series I find highly re-watchable, is the mini-series (not so mini) Band of Brothers. I’ve watch the series on about a yearly basis since the show first premiered on HBO and if I wasn’t currently pounding through season 2 of Supernatural I would go back and give this one another go around (the year was up in late September).

  8. oh you are not

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