Scream Queens

sq_5_10It’s the wee hours of the morning in a town with no traffic lights in the middle of a snow storm and I’m inside watching reruns on the Star network.  I’ve heard a lot of buzz about Scream Queens the vh1 reality show where a whole bunch of girls fight for one role in Saw 6.  People I’d never have expected to watch have said they’re watching so when it came on and there was nothing else to do I thought I’d give it a shot.  In this episode (5 if you’re keeping up) they had to do a scene in a pool of blood, which actually looked like fun.  Then they had to spend some time in a morgue locker and do a scene in a tent with thousands of live cockroaches.  Verdict is:  I like it. 

There are a lot of reality competition shows out there to choose from, weight loss, cooking, home decorating, modeling, singing, even marriage.  You name it, people probably compete for it on tv but Scream Queens is a good combination of a talent (acting), fear factor and a putting a whole bunch of girls in a house together and watching them fight, lets give that to… either top model or big brother.  We’ll call this mash up Big Top Idol Factor, which sounds like a reality show for clowns.  Hmm I could be onto something.

I like sitting in my living room judging people’s acting.  I do that all the time!  People that get paid lots of money for it, it’s more fun when other people on tv echo your thoughts and tell them they suck at acting too.  I enjoyed the girls improv.  In the scene in the picture the girl decided to call the guy who’d been trying to murder her “ass face”.  When asked who they pictured as the murderer one girl said her father, another said herself.  Then they all cried some more.  Yep, I still like it.  The judges are some woman, a director and an acting coach that each do one of the challenges.  I like the layout, it’s not too fancy it’s just about girls screaming and crying and making them do horrible things.  I’m kinda into that.  You should really expect to do something to do with cockroaches if you sign up for a reality show.


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~ by doublebitch on November 30, 2008.

5 Responses to “Scream Queens”

  1. I’ve actually been wanting to check this out too. James Gunn has been pimping it on Twitter, though I have to wonder if his judgyness on this is slowing down PG Porn at all. Because I want me some PG Porn.

  2. uhh pg porn. I can’t wait!

  3. BIG TOP IDOL FACTOR!!!! HAHAH!!!! my lunch was in my mouth, and now it’s on my desk…Awesome.

  4. Fun fact? That girl in the picture, I’m too lazy to look up her name, Sarah I think it is, she was in a little random short movie with Brea Grant, Multiple choice.

  5. Thank you! I kept looking at her going, I’ve seen that chick! Thought i havent seen that short. I did see pictures and or maybe a trailer. I could have sworn I knew her.

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