Behind the Mask

Tonight I wanted to look at the best use of prosthetic make-up on TV worn by a reoccurring cast member. I’m sure there are a lot I’m missing, feel free to let me know in the comments who I left out.

quarkLet’s start by going old school. Quark. I fought with myself over this decision. Should it be Quark or Worf? Both amazing reoccurring characters but when it comes to the make-up work Quark is just a step above. I did watch this show back in the day and I always loved his character too. It should be noted that it takes a great actor behind the make up to really make it work, any less of an actor would not be able to pull it off. Quark, I loved his name, I loved his voice and I loved his ears. What’s not to love?

reaser-greys-largeJane Doe on Greys Anatomy. This is the best human based make-up I’ve seen. They honestly made me believe that the actresses real face is what healed out of the mess. I look at that woman and see the make-up every time. Either they did a fantastic job or she had a really strange face to begin with, which is possible. This is also an example of a storyline that Rhymes drove into the ground.

lorneNo list would be even near complete without listing something from the Whedonverse. I’m going with Lorne. That make-up was stunning day in and day out. It’s really amazing the work that they did with his skin and the prosthetics he wore under all that. Again, the actor carries the character so much. You do have to wonder though, those poor actors who never really work again, or maybe you never see them work again.. I also liked the dancing demon from the Buffy musical episode and the spikes that grew out of Doyle. meredith_shhh

Heroes seems to stick to CG effects but there is no one creepier than this man. The puppet master. This guy gives me nightmares. The way his chins.. What? That’s his real face? oh.. hmm.. moving on.

joshuaLast but not least is my all time favorite pick, Joshua from Dark Angel. He steals the show in almost every episode. When put together in scenes with Jensen they were a powerhouse. Who knew a man in a dog mask could bring both the funny and the heartfelt drama in a series. I would have even supported a Joshua spin-off. Hands down the best character wearing a lot of silicone on their face.


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~ by doublebitch on December 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Behind the Mask”

  1. Good list, I’d totally go with Quark over Worf. And Joshua always reminded me of Ron Pearlman in the Beauty and the Beast TV show.

  2. Oh! He really does.

    Also? 200th comment! woo!

  3. That’s who I thought it was when I first scanned through this.

    Going for pure prosthetic I want to mention Buster’s hook that made him a MONTERS!

    For prosthetic makeup I really enjoyed Martin Short playing Jiminy Glick in Primetime Glick.

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