She Bangs: A Heroic Tale of Hair

Heroes is a show that is not afraid to tell a story with hair. We have already seen Peter’s emo bang of goodness or future Peter’s evil greaser look, Claire’s badass brunette of the future and soccer mom hair Daphne. Tonight we were introduced to Sylar’s ‘I got some’ bangs. We shall call him Stylar


Gabriel/Sylar has been through a lot lately. He loves his family, he hates his family, he needs to poke brains then he doesn’t need to poke brains, so I understand how confusing it could be when all of the sudden the moon goes off doing its own thing and you no longer have powers. First we’re told that his hunger can be controlled if he just loves somebody. So he gets all cuddly with Elle. Then the powers go away and he becomes good and just wants a family! until his powers come back then he needs to brain poke for a power he already has? I don’t blame the guy for making a stop on his way over to the Bennett Family Hostel to get a quick highlight job. I mean, he’s going to visit the home that will someday be his and to kidnap his niece, he should at least be presentable.

That I could understand but the Stylar highlights just weren’t there. They weren’t there until he banged Blondie. Which by the way, HRG watched.. the whole time. My theory is that his ability to absorb things goes beyond his powers and when Elle had nothing more to give he started sucking her hair color out. Kinda like a hose. She should just be glad he stopped where he did.


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~ by doublebitch on December 2, 2008.

8 Responses to “She Bangs: A Heroic Tale of Hair”

  1. I’m willing to bet he killed her simply because he had always wanted to kill someone on a beach. When you’ve been a serial killer supervillian for as long as he has, every now and then you say to yourself “I’m feeling festive”.

    All he needs left is to kill someone on a railroad and he’ll have covered the entire Monopoly board.

  2. “when Elle had nothing more to give he started sucking her hair color out.”


  3. Does anyone else find it creepy that HRG just watched them have sex through his rifle scope before deciding to try and shoot them?

  4. He was “aiming,” don’t hate. Nothing like live porn to further blur the lines between well, porn and reality.

  5. OH! 2 for 1! Heroes and Jensen reference! I raised you well.

  6. Hee…I could not believe HRG let them have sex before taking his shot. Perv!

  7. You are made of win. 😀

  8. This one’s for Orie. If you plan on watching How I Met Your Mother. Ted gets left at the alter in season 4. Ass.

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