Why Does Everything I Love Die: Addendum

g-vs-eSomething was bugging me when I made that post, I was sure there were some shows that I was forgetting. It finally popped into my head last night, and I really don’t know how I could have forgotten about these three shows, they were big parts of my high school TVness.

First up, G vs E. Chandler Smythe and Henry McNeil worked for The Corps, basically God’s police force on Earth. For 22 episodes spread over two networks (the show started on USA but then moved to Sci Fi partway through the season) they fought against the evil Morlocks, minions of Hell.

g-vs-e-21The show was a buddy cop supernatural comedy thriller, all wrapped up in a ’70s/exploitation styling. It was clearly to quirky and awesome to survive very long, but what really hurts is that the show wrapped in 2000, and not only has there not been a DVD release yet, but almost no channels have played the series during the past eight years. The show deserved a much bigger cult following than it seems to have.

level-9Next up is Level 9, a series about a secret government task force who fought against cyber-crime: basically, they were hacker cops. Of course, like most times Hollywood tries to focus on technology and/or computers, it wasn’t terribly accurate. However like Hackers, Level 9 had a certain charm that overcame the flaws. Too bad the show only lasted 13 episodes, and like G vs E hasn’t had a DVD release. Fun fact: Kim Murphy, who plays Sosh (on the left) was in a few episodes of the first season of 24. One of the very first things I remember about 24 was noticing that fact.

The third show I forgot about was Once a Thief. This was a horrible memory lapse on my part, as I still consider OaT to be the best Canadian show of all time. Once a Thief has a bit of an odd genesis, as it was originally a Hong Kong action film by John Woo. In ’96 a TV movie remake, also directed by Woo, was made. This acted as the pilot for the show, which lasted for one 22 episode season. The producers were informed that the show wouldn’t be returning for a second season before they’d filmed the last few episodes, which gave them the opportunity to give the show a proper ending.

once-a-thiefThe series combines Chinese crime families, secret Canadian government agencies, ex-theifs, ex-cops and a love triangle into a delicious stew of action and comedy. The comedy was what I really loved about the series, as it ranged from slapstick to an X-Files spoof episode, and even a parody of Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. Oh, and the one episode that used Pop-up Video-style info boxes. I could go on and on about this show, so I think I’ll have some more posts on it in the future. OaT is also not on DVD, making this group 3-for-3. The pilot movie’s on DVD, at least.

…okay, now I think I’m done. Twelve shows I really liked that lasted one season. I really hope there aren’t any more shows I’ve forgotten, bu I guess time will tell if there will be a third of these posts or not.


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~ by Jerk on December 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Why Does Everything I Love Die: Addendum”

  1. I have never heard of any of these shows. YOU’VE GONE TOO DEEP! Comebaaaack!

  2. They were all on back in high school. I think Level 9 is the most recent, and it ended in 2001.

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