Is it Just Me? Denny Edition


Is it just me or does Denny have a severe case of nipple rigamortis?



~ by doublebitch on December 4, 2008.

7 Responses to “Is it Just Me? Denny Edition”

  1. Well, maybe ghosts are always cold.

  2. This post also needed some JDM nipple pics, btw.

  3. I cant post the pic until I can screencap

  4. I didn’t mean from the ep, just JDM nipples in general. I’m sure there are plenty on the ‘Net.

  5. I’m looking but so far all I’ve found is this

  6. Just throwing down some appreciation for the JDN’s in the pic.

  7. He’s looking kind of dead in that pic, isn’t he? Not a good look, nips or no!

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