Why Tom Welling is the Smartest Man on TV

sv05_raikuneYes, the man with one expression – confused, is the smartest man on television. I got thinking after last night’s post about Reaper and what that meant for Smallville. What it means is that Tom Welling is in a huge power seat. In an industry that’s gone from one strike threat to another he and his people have positioned himself on top of a tested tradition in peek pivotal times.

clarkc2oz8We’ve been hearing whispers down the wire from the new producers (PS3) that season 9 was being talked about, even being planned for. Four new people on top of the CW’s most successful scripted show wont be satisfied at one season and with the way things are going, I’m not sure the fans will be either. The producing team has said that they are ready for a series finale but always leave it open that they’d like to do more, even talking about spin-offs which I do not believe will be able to find the same success. The network is telling us that they are also preparing to keep Smallville on the air and to keep the Thursday night Smallville – Supernatural pair up going another year, which is all we are to expect of Supernatural as well.

progeny27oh4Welling has placed himself in a fantastic place to ask for whatever he wants seeing as all the higher ups are giving green light signals.  Rumors saying he’s making over $150k per episode at this point which is not high in comparison at all.  Though he’s got a pretty sweet deal.  He doesn’t do any press for the show.  The man has made one public appearance since the ’06 upfronts and other than the Vogue shoot has done nothing outside of promo photos.  The question will be how badly do they want to see season 9?  and how ready is Welling to move on?

prototype0077copyct71For an actor who turned down the show’s request to audition twice it’s not a stretch to think Tom might be ready to move on.  Especially with Rosenbaum and Kreuk’s recent departures, though he may have noticed that neither are exceptionally busy these days either.   I fully expect Welling to fade into the background and seek more directing work after the show ends.  I don’t see him really pushing for a film career.  He’s had no qualms taking most of his hiatus’ off, while other actors like Ackles and Padalecki fill their summers with B film work.  [Can you believe The Fog pulled $11 Million opening weekend?]

sv06_raikuneIf he does decide to stay he should be asking for a pay hike. The question then will be can the fading CW aford him?  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him ask for two or three more episodes to direct in season 9 and they better make them good ones, not the throw aways he has been getting (150 excepted). On top of that I’d like to see him ask for producing credit a la Kiefer Sutherland on 24 so he gets more say and a better cut of the cake after all things are said and done.  This show is already in syndication and it will be for a long long time.  Welling is in the perfect position to call the shots and the ball is in his court.



~ by doublebitch on December 4, 2008.

6 Responses to “Why Tom Welling is the Smartest Man on TV”

  1. If I were him, I’d negotiate a cut of the DVD sales into my contract.

  2. ooohh! And at least three harajuku girls

  3. I don’t care what it takes! Either a big screen series with him as SUPERMAN or a season 9, and 10 with him on the show as SUPERMAN is what I want.

    I don’t care how or which at this point but the storyline is getting so good it would be a damn shame to stop it now!!!

  4. Tom is awesome, he is truly the man.

  5. The Superman movies, its time for Tom to be te Star, Brandon Ruth was a wanna B; Tom is a Gonna B. The patience that the show has shown is developing Toms character will pay off when they go from season 11 or 12 to the silver screen in “in what will be” the most talked about and anticipated Superman movie ever made. The real test now is hollywood, will they “NOT” try and cash in on another Ruth B-movie with no following of its own, when Smallville earned all the credits and global attention, hollywoods greed will be their undoing if they allow this; give Tom his due; his shot.


  6. pliz tom just for us finsh ths season finale.u are my inspiration bros

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