What a Difference 2 Years Makes

Here’s a preview for Smallville’s return in January:

Exciting, yeah?

Now for a bit of juxtaposition, let’s take a look at the trailer for Hydro, which was the first ep when the show came back in January for season six:

Wow, did that ever suck. I haven’t watched that ep since it aired, but all I really remember about it was Tori Spelling and her water powers. Why didn’t they hype that in their trailer? They didn’t even show their guest star, instead filling the whole trailer with lame Lana relationship crap. Who could possibly think people would rather see that? Well, Al and Miles obviously. I think that this really shows how far off the rails the show had been going, and just how much things have improved recently.



~ by Jerk on December 5, 2008.

6 Responses to “What a Difference 2 Years Makes”

  1. We’re also talking about Kreuk’s acting VS Witwer’s acting which is so clearly going to be above and beyond. It’s crashdown for Gods sake.

    you see what I did there? hmm *beams*

  2. I have to say, I never expected to see ‘pouty’ used to describe Doomsday, much less for it to work.

  3. who said he was pouty?

    Also, lets take a moment to be massivly upset about Tori Spelling coming back to Smallville a second time. first, lame. Second, it just underlines how undead she was last time. Why was that fight over? She’s a bucket of water, you threw her at a car.. she’s fine. uhh.

  4. I said he was pouty. He’s been pouty. There were shots, with his lip.

  5. …you know, being pouty.

  6. I dislike that Lana is on our page.

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