An Appreciation of Todd Stashwick

I’m willing to bet that anyone reading this hasn’t heard of Todd Stashwick before. I hadn’t heard of him until I did an stashwick-01IMDB search to write this, I’d just been referring to him as ‘awesome guy’. With only appearances in two episodes of shows that I watch this fall, he’s quickly risen up the list of my favourite guest stars. First he showed up in Supernatural, playing the shapeshifter who liked to pretend he was Dracula (and occasionally a mummy or bartender), and spends equal time dressing unconscious Jensens in Lederhosen and annoying pizza boys. Now, SPN is always awesome, so it can be hard to distinguish between the different awesomessences given off by the show proper and by actors who exude their own.

stashwick-02Which brings us to this week’s episode of the Sarah Connor Chronicles. This episode had a Terminator who had a bit of a time travel mishap and ended up in 1920 instead of 2010.  Many Terminators are secretly ashamed of their poor math skillz. Anyway, realizing he had almost a century to kill, the Terminator took the name Myron Stark and became first a successful bank robber, and then later a real estate and housing developer, who through his tireless work ethic and the high wages he paid his employees, was very well looked upon. In fact, while this was not brought up in the episode, I have a feestashwick-03ling that he was somehow had a son, and is in fact Tony Stark’s great grandfather. The more you think about it, the more it will make sense. Having a Terminator in the family would certainly give you an edge when it came to creating Iron Man armour.

Wow I’m rambling a bit, so let’s get back to Todd. For being two of the most ridiculously awesome characters to appear on TV this season, and each in a single episode no less, I salute Todd Stashwicks. His contribution to the awesomeification of network television will long be remembered, even if he doesn’t continue his streak of amazing characters *cough* fourthpetrellibrother *cough*. Hell of a job, Todd. You’re also now #2 on my list of possibilities for the Final Cylon, right behind Billy.



~ by Jerk on December 6, 2008.

One Response to “An Appreciation of Todd Stashwick”

  1. we’ll have to keep an eye on this guy. I think it’s his eyebrows.

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