Break Me off a Piece of that Battlestar

There’s been a lot of buzz this week about the countdown to Battlestar Galactica’s return and I’m not sure why but I like it. You know it’s great television when you can put year long breaks between seasons and fans are still counting down the weeks to it’s return. You are not alone. (it’s 6 week by the way.) The people behind BSG are working on lots of things to tide you over, from new homo-tastic webisodes and tasty little trailers they’re keeping our attention.

raiderEarlier this week Propworx released a downloadable version of the Battlestar Galactica Auction Catalog and I’ll admit, being the doublebitch that I am, I teared up a little. The pieces up for sale are not only stunning but really damn cool. It’s like a ride back through the story with each item bringing up a memory of the struggle we couldn’t get enough of. Some lucky bastard will go home with a frackin Cylon Raider Ship, lowly estimated to go for between $30,000 and $40,000. I would have loved to have been the trucker who brought that from Vancouver. Yep, just driving this here wicked alien robot creature ship to California. I wonder if it comes with the gooey insides we got to see Cheif almost drown in?

Lots of full set pieces are being auctioned off like the war room chalk board still drawn up with the pilots callsigns. This is totally worth it just to know the tail number of the poor saps who got “Chinstrap”, “Creeper’ or “Greyshirt” as a callsign, Or a Cylon resurection tank, now that would make an awesome bathtub. Along with concept artwork and props (Adama’s wedding picture and President Roslin’s Chamala pills), costumes from almost all of the main cast there are different Galactica uniforms in a range of sizes. Halloween and Cosplay are gonna be so much cooler next year.robes1

There’s the four known final five-ers robes. The descriptions point out that three of the four were worn by stand ins. Maybe Douglas had nothing better to do that day so he figured he’d do his own, he seems like that kinda guy. I’d like to point out that Trucco’s kinda looks like a dress. Highlander Cylon? Amazing.

sixdress1hotdog2adama2Six’s original miniseries dress, Quaram Sashes, Baltar’s robe, Hotdog’s sweatsuit, and Dee’s undershirts. $10,000 is estimated for Adama’s Duty Blues Uniform, even the fan infamous original improv smashed antique wooden ship model. If you haven’t heard Edward James Olmos tell that story, find him and beg him to tell you. Or, you know use youtube.

ship2The auction will take place via web and live auction the weekend after the premier of 4.5 Januaray 17th – 18th in the Pasadena Convention Center. A few smaller and additional pieces will be auctioned off weekly via the Propworx website as the season winds down, I would assume these would be spoilery things we’re not quite ready for yet, something to keep your eye out for. There will also be printed versions of the catalog available in the weeks to come. I wonder if it will have corners?



~ by doublebitch on December 6, 2008.

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