TNT about to explode. What? I had to…

tnt_logoLeverage premiers Sunday night on TNT at 10/9c. I’ve seen this episode, as have many others. TNT went out of their way to leak this show months ago online. Their marketing strategy is above and beyond what the major networks are doing. Its innovative and different. They’re not afraid to change things up and I think it’s going to work.

TNT has been one of the best networks out there in terms of their strategy for their shows. They don’t care about conventional TV ‘rules’ like when a season should and shouldn’t start or sweeps week. They’re listening to their audience, reaching out and it’s working. Unconventional premiere dates have really been working for them so far and they’re dedicated to interesting original scripted content. Finally! I think we’ll see big things from TNT in the next few years, hell we’re seeing big things right now.

Shows like Supernatural depend on their syndicating stations to promote them while TNT holds a $100,000 contest to promote Leverage’s premier that is both pretty awesome and interactive. Web content, a contest and an awesome show? Hell yes.

Web content, pictures, videos and promo videos have been coming out for months. This show has an official street team. The cast has been out doing screening and premiere parties across the united states this past week. I’ve also heard tell of promotional USB drives and Energy Drinks. They’re doing one more thing to help get this show off the ground. Episode 1 will air commercial-free Sunday night at 10 as a special airing and before you have time to forget about it, but long enough for you to talk about it at the water cooler the premiere will air again on Tuesday at 9pm followed directly by the second episode. They know full well you wont be able to get enough. Speaking from experience, I’ve already watched this premiere four times and will be watching it again this week. It’s that good.

The key to why TNT will be successful is that on top of all these things that they’re doing they just have great content with great actors. They’ve produced what I’m quite willing to call two of my most anticipated shows this year and the key is that they believe in their content. They’re going way out on a limb to say ‘This. is. awesome.” They’re proud of what they’ve done and they want to show us why we should watch it and love it with them. Crazy concept.



~ by doublebitch on December 6, 2008.

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