Random Question #3

So, a little while ago I mentioned Once a Thief in one of my posts, which made me rather nostalgic for the show. After managing to hunt down the show (what up, Demonoid!), I’ve noticed just how much shows have changed since the mid-nineties. Not just production values and style (both cinematic style and fashion), but how technology has advanced. Cassette tapes weren’t completely obsolete, the same with dial-up. Data is stolen using floppies instead of USB keys. Cell phones look awesomely utilitarian. This made me think:

Do you get distracted and pulled out of a show because it looks dated?

cassetteFor me, I’d say it depends. Usually I’m perfectly fine with dated shows, it can actually be fun to look back at a snapshot of what society was like a few years back, and it was actually fun to hear the modem sound again, now that I no longer need to hear it to get online. The only time I think a show is hurt by being dated is when it purports to take place in a vaguely futuristic time, with tech clearly inferior to what we currently have. But other than that exception, I think older shows just end up becoming unintended period pieces. And cassettes are way cooler to destroy than CDs, anyway.



~ by Jerk on December 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Random Question #3”

  1. I think I’m more likely to get turned off by a show because it looks Canadian. We’ll have to get down to what exactly it is that does that but I hate it. Perfectly normal shows are made in canada without looking canadian and why do we WANT to do this. Uh i dont get it. anyway…

    I think no. If I’m watching an old show I’m watching it to watch it knowing it’s old. I wonder though, I just watched a wigget video on the Leverage creators blog with Dean Devlin where he talked about how tech savy Leverage is, that they even had tech in the show that wasnt availble when they shot it but IS avail now. That’s cool but how will that look and how will a show that depends on tech heist stuff fair in the future?

    I still go back and watch the oceans movies (not that old) so maybe it’s the people aspect that we like.

    I also love Zach Morris’ phone. I would do someone’s laundry for a year to have him whip one out on Raising the Bar.

  2. Yeah, Canadian is a terrible look for shows. I’m not even sure what it is that creates that look.

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