We’d like to take some time to combine two things we love: alcohol and television! So here are some of our favourite drinks from TV, or preferred by TV characters.

J: I’m going to start with the Purple Nurple, a shot Dean loved on SPN. A quick Google search shows that nobody agrees how to make it. Personally, I’d go for the one with the Kool-Aid (though it may be hard to order that one at a bar). No matter which recipe you choose, I think we can all agree that Purple Nurples are a) delicious and b) purple, and it’s well documented that crazy colours make drinking more fun.

deadwood_05_14_04DB: Keeping things simple I’m going with Wild Bill Hickock’s drink of choice.  This amazing and iconic character, played by Keith Carradine (also the dad on Complete Savages) rides into the Deadwood camp on his horse and sets the tone for not only his character but the whole show with his first line:  “Whiskey.”    I don’t really drink Whiskey but something made in the cellar of the saloon, in a bottle with no label is probably best.  Or something strong and cheap.

J: Next we have something Sock made on Reaper, beereal. This is just a bowl of cereal (the choice is up to you, I’d prolly go with something with almonds), and you use beer instead of milk. I’m sure you’d have to experiment with different beers until you get a cereal/beer combo that really works for you. Also, I am not to blame if this goes horribly wrong for you.

normal_vmars_2141DB: If you watched Veronica Mars at all you learned that at the bottom of each crime there’s probably a date rape. Fourth on our list is Veronica’s “Rum, Coke and Roofie”. It’s best served tall and cold in a beer cup at an 09’er party or a sorority hazing bash, either way, chances are you won’t be able to keep your clothes or your hair on. We also don’t suggest giving yourself a roofie and date rape isn’t funny, except when it’s the flash. Oh the hindsight jokes. Just stick to the Rum and Coke.

J: Next we have Koothrappali’s drink of choice/necessity for talking to fgrasshopperemales on Big Bang Theory, the Grasshopper. It’s bright green creamy minty chocolatey goodness, and as previously stated with the Purple Nurples, crazy colours will just make drinking more fun. For those on a tight schedule for drunkening, use the alternate recipe that replaces the creamy bit with vodka. It’s intended to be served in fancy glasses, but I think giving someone a pint of bright green liquor will add extra comedic effect. Drink does not give the ability to talk to girls well, however.

ambrosiaDB: Ambrosia is the drink of choice on the Battlestar Galactica, after you know moonshine made in a closet.  It’s green and really messes you up, or at least messes Tigh’s wife up.  I always liked that they were both lushes.  Since this is a totally made up drink and I don’t advise you drink absinthe or creme de menthe out of a wine glass I’ll hook you up with something a little more realistic.  Grace Park shows off her bar tending skills and serves Tah’moh Penikett a Cylon ShooterPlay along at home though his reaction is about what I would expect it would taste like.

The list goes on and on but we’ll stop here, chances are you’re drunk enough for a Monday morning.  Remember to drink responsibly, because that’s what you come here for – solid life advice.

-Jerk & DoubleBitch


~ by Jerk on December 8, 2008.

One Response to “Intoxivision”

  1. For Veronica Mars, I’d also want to steer clear of Madison Sinclair’s wonderful ‘Trip to the Dentist’ drinks with spit in them.

    LOL ! ‘tight schedule for drunkening’ 😀

    I like to tell people they’re drunklings, especially when they’re sober and answering their work phone. Then I read from the Steel Magnolias scrip with a WONDERFUL Southern Accent. I have to find ways to be amused.

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