Or Maybe it's Just Me

I don’t usually watch Chuck but both my mom and a friend are hooked so I give it a shot every few Mondays.  I like the concept.  It think it’s clever and I like their opening credits.  Very spy movie like.  There’s a quality about the show that makes it look good.  It’s shot like a movie each week and has such a cool twist on a normal guy who doesn’t bother to move his face when he emotes.  In a world of eyebrow actors, maybe we should be happy for that but I still find it funny.casey

Tonight Morgan bought a Delorean that couldn’t go over 22 mph and Lumbergh showed up as Sarah’s father.  I thought he was great but the best part about this guy was the nick names he gave to the characters.  I think he called Chuck ‘Schluk’ but more importantly he called Adam Baldwin ‘Cop Face’ which said five times fast on network television sounds a whole lot more like CockFace and he made sure to say it every chance he got.

I love when shows sneak little things like that into a show, I also love that nobody caught that before it made it on air.  Or maybe it’s just me.



~ by doublebitch on December 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “Or Maybe it's Just Me”

  1. I still haven’t watched even a full ep of this yet. Seems like it should be totally my kind of show, too. I dunno. It’s on my ‘get to eventually’ list, though there’s a bunch of stuff ahead of it.

  2. I tried the pilot, but wasn’t really a fan of the show.

  3. I watch it, it’s a cute show. Not must see but it’s fun and I love Casey (Cop Face).

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