Sylar: A Tale of Confusion

sylar-suitIt seemed like there was a solid plan in place for Sylar with the little tease at the end of the volume two finale. However, with only the finale of volume 3 left to air, it seems pretty clear that the plan didn’t really exist at all. First Sylar is evil! Then…. less evil, and loyal to his newly-revealed parents. Then we find out that the Company actually pushed him to become evil, and he really wants to be good. The hunger and all that. Then NewDad shows him that he can even take powers without any brain poking! Now he’s teamed up with Elle, and they’ve decided that they’re not going to work for anyone else anymore, they’re their own masters! They’re the Heroes version of Bonnie and Clyde!

…oh, no that’s wrong. Turns out he isn’t a Petrelli after all, and now he’s back to enjoying the murderness and brain poking, to the point where he brain poked Elle when he already had her powers (maybe that’s foreplay, Sylar version). Now he even has a sense of humour about the murdering. Or he really loves cake. Either way, I guess lighting Elle’s crotch on fire gave him an epiphany.

Now, it’s clear that the writers don’t/didn’t have a solid plan in place for our friend Gabe, but I hope we’ve seen the last of his rapidfire changes. Both because it’s annoying, and because I really like Current Sylar. Even if the path to get him to this point was a confusing mess, as of 3×12 we have a good version. Let’s keep this one for a while, okay?



~ by Jerk on December 9, 2008.

5 Responses to “Sylar: A Tale of Confusion”

  1. oh the hahakyle tag. This Sylar still seems different from old Evil Sylar.

  2. Just incase we weren’t sure if he was evil again, he goes and kills someone on their birthday, at their party, and then eats their cake.

  3. He probably opened her presents, too.

  4. Hee…I used my blog to try to work out my Sylar issues. I’m very disappointed about him killing Elle, but he was so awesome for the rest of the episode that I got over it. Loved the cake, loved the elevator, loved the “you’re not a killer, Peter, I am” bullet in the brain to PAtrelli. I agree though, enough whiplash. Keep him this way and I will be happy.

  5. it really got pathetic the way he was switching back and forth ep to ep. I can understand sylar being confused but when elle started doing the line jumping too they lost me.

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