Shows You’re Not Watching: Little Mosque

little_mosque_on_the_prairie_hdLittle Mosque on the Prairie is a Canadian half hour show that airs on CBC.  I know what some of you are thinking and for a long time I felt that way too.  I thought this show wouldn’t interest me.  Kinda like how Aliens in America wasn’t really my thing.  I grew up in a tiny all white Christian community where these issues never really came up, I didn’t think I would relate.  I think even the title itself threw me off.  One night out of bordem it caught my eye and I stopped to finally see what it’s all about and this one blew me out of the water.  Get over all your stupid little reasons not to watch this show.  It’s really worth your half hour.

The show is nothing like Little House on the Prairie.  It’s about the people who live in Mercy, some small community on the Canadian prairies much like Dog River which just happens to be home to a Mosque and it’s just plain funny.  Stupid, real, Canadian funny.  The characters are vibrant and the jokes are intelligent.  While the characters may be exaggerated they’re never mocking of themselves which I respect.  It really is like Corner Gas meets a little slice of reality.   While it deals with the issues of diversity in their community it also deals with the idiosyncrasies of being human and never lets anything be too big of a deal. 

Little Mosque on the Prairie is half way into it’s thrid season, is available on dvd and airs Wednesdays at 8 pm on CBC – right after Jeopardy.  Can’t miss it.



~ by doublebitch on December 10, 2008.

One Response to “Shows You’re Not Watching: Little Mosque”

  1. I agree, this show is hilarious. I didn’t think it would be all that great but I’ve greatly enjoyed the two episodes I’ve watched. The characters remind me a lot of people I know and have met, but way more obscure seeing it’s set in Saskactewan. How can you not be obscure if you live in the middle of nowhere?

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