A 4am Conversation

 DoubleBitch: I so just proved your hair thing wrong


DoubleBitch: also.. is that the girl from moonlight?

Jerk: looks like her, but saying as the other two are from Angel, I’d guess that’s Kate

DoubleBitch: uh they’re the same damn person

Jerk: whaaaaaaa

DoubleBitch: pretty much. beth. kate.

DoubleBitch: samebrain but with face and.. well everything else

Jerk: well, one was a detective, one was a reporter

Jerk: that’s kinda different

DoubleBitch: hardly

DoubleBitch: if one show was about rainbows and the other was about vampires. Then maybe

Jerk: I’d watch a show about a girl who falls in love with the rainbow that saved her life when she was a baby

DoubleBitch: from a fire

Jerk: mmm

Jerk: the fire set off the sprinklers, and the rainbow came through the broken window

Jerk: and then she slid down it to safety

DoubleBitch: but then the rainbow wasn’t there before..

DoubleBitch: dont make me get the rainbow conspiracy lady video out

Jerk: rainbows are always there

Jerk: you can only see them when there’s mist

Jerk: always there, silently watching and protecting us

DoubleBitch: what you’re telling me is that the earth is way more gay than I realized

Jerk: mmmhmm

Jerk: secretly gay

Jerk: you only realize just how gay when you get it wet

DoubleBitch: I love you


~ by doublebitch on December 11, 2008.

One Response to “A 4am Conversation”

  1. what did i tell you about acid?? did i teach you nothing?!


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