It Really is a Small World After All

There are lots of gimmicks shows can have to give them an extra boost of awesome like when a hit song has that na-na-na-na part so you don’t actually have to know the words to sing along. One of the most effective gimmicks we’ve been seeing a lot of recently is the addition of something small to a show.  Yes adding something of a different size can be all it takes to wow your audience.  jamie-scott

I’ve mentioned before that despite the sagging geriatric status of the CW’s One Tree Hill and it’s over the top we’re still in high school even though we’re not in high school antics the little man on campus is consistently showing up his older co-stars.  Does anyone have an idea what Nathan actually does?  Why does he keep showing up at the school and eating lunch with the kids and its creeping me out.  Anyway, back on topic Jamie Scott is a five year old wonder who is single handedly stealing the show.  Cape on back, bunny Chester under arm and a few good dance moves and he turns to solid gold.  I think the writers actually need to step up their game FOR this kid.  He’s out doing them too.  Somebody get this kid a movie.

turtlephoneThe most popular quote from this season of Heroes other than Sylar’s echo of the audience’s “I hate heroes” has to be Matt Parkman’s “High Five, Turtle!”  This turtle, actually a tortoise has three names: It’s actual name Elvis, Grunny’s name for him Shelly and keeping with tradition the show’s creative max output of just plain and slightly inaccurate Turtle.  Apparently they even have a stand in plastic turtle but there’s no denying that Turtle and 10-year-old Hiro  headbanging was a highlight in an exceptionally dark (pun intended) episode.  Not to mention it’s probably some of the best acting we’ve seen from a living thing on this show in some time. 

ckane_0041_5002Now sure, those two things could fit into the animals and children clause but I assure you it’s their size.  Take Leverage’s Eliot Spencer for example.  Christian Kane weighs in at a whopping 5’10” in heels and still manages to bring the awesome.  Note how he’s always in the foreground or background of all the promotional materials for the show.  Veronica Mars had Beaver proving that even evil can come in tiny package.  Battlestar has Lee Adama who I think stayed with D mostly so he could have someone to hem up his pant legs knowing full well Starbuck would have told him to go frak himself, then laugh.  Hard.  Another example from Battlestar could be all the human female characters breasts.   I didn’t think it was possible for Grey’s to come up with a member of the Grey family that I didn’t hate but Little Grey has finally broken down that barrier, even if she requires Eric Dane to do it. 

So do you have your note pads out show creators?  Write this down.  Bigger doesn’t have to be better.  Go with something small, see how it works out.  Let us know.



~ by doublebitch on December 11, 2008.

10 Responses to “It Really is a Small World After All”

  1. Dood, Lexie/George! Lexie/Georrrrrgggggge!

  2. Lexie/George was bad though…

  3. It was nonexistent!

    She had one childish fight over him not choosing her when he didn’t get to choose, then Random Intern Girl told him he was dumb and she liked him, then it had no follow up at all, then she fucked McSteamy.

  4. yeah well it doesnt matter because everyone on the interwebs but us is reporting on how TR is leaving.

  5. I think he just completed this series of equationa:

    Izzie gets crappy storyline and little screentime + Heigl complains = Izzie gets crappy storyline with lots of screentime.

    George gets no screentime + y = George gets more screentime.

    Solve for y.

  6. I heard they were punishing Heigl for being a bitch with the fucking the dead story. Which, would be funny if they weren’t making an ass out of JDM in the process.

  7. Better punishment would be having her not on the show. I’m upset by the lack of George, he’s so a main reason for why I liked the early seasons, and they managed to mainly fix him from when Izzie broke him finally, just to have him not do anything. Grrrrr…

  8. You know what, i think it’s the banning of Burke that made George fail, because Burke was his in and then he was gone and he had nothing so they tried to give him his win back by sleeping with morons but that didnt work for him like it did for everyone else because his character had more interesting qualities than his penis. Unlike Karev who has traded his for a vajayjay

  9. I agree with the Burke thing. Damn irony!

  10. Seriously.

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