New Media's Packing the Moving Van

ninja1So in addition to creepily following Grunny on Twitter I’m following one of the guys behind and today he put up a really great post about how Jay Leno’s move to the 10pm slot will shake up things in the industry.  I caught Conan’s response to the change on the show last night and I think he dealt with it in a really classy and funny way, like he always does. 

Anyway, Kent Nichols brought up a bunch of issues that will come about due to this change which will cut into time that was or is now reserved for hour dramas.  Just go read his post, then come back here.  Please come back?  I was about to leave him this big reply that he’d never read then I remembered, hey I have a blog too.

The move towards ‘new media’ (which i think is a way too broad term to describe people making network-less indie-esque work and using the internet to distribute it) is a direction that IS growing and is picking up speed.  I don’t think it could be stopped at this point with the way the entertainment industry is working so hard to cut jobs and find the easiest way to put out programming people will be content with.  Not impressed, just content. 

felicia_headshotOne thing industry television has that ‘new media’ doesn’t is a hard copy location.  Now I know that’s not what Kent was talking about hardly at all and I didnt miss his point,  it just brought me to another one.  Hollywood may be a ‘movie-town’ but it’s still where we think of as the Mecca of visual entertainment.  I have to wonder what will happen to the aesthetic face of Hollywood as the location of entertainment shifts from the NBC back lot to say Felicia Day’s house for example, or Michael Buckley’s spare bedroom.  Or is it too late for that already?  The days of glitz and glam have long given way to the 4am starlet throwing up on her own shoes that could easily pay my rent.  Maybe it’s time for a change.



~ by doublebitch on December 11, 2008.

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  1. annnd my ineptness made this tackback his post twice! Go me. Sorry about that.

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