Jerk's 10 Favourite Themesongs

It’s been a while since we’ve had a nice numbered list thread here on J/DB, so I decided to share what I consider to be the best themesongs ever. I have to point out though, it quickly became apparent that I could make a second list based solely on cartoon themes, so I didn’t put any cartoons on this list. I also had a hard time parting with many of the classic ’80s themes that I love so much as I culled the list down to just ten entries. I really wanted to keep the ALF theme, so much sax… but eventually I realized I needed to take off my ’80s-tinted glasses for this list. Probably around the time I was trying to convince myself that the ‘sha-la-la-laa’ at the end of the Family Ties theme was enough to merit a space on the list. Anyway, I eventually got this thing hammered, out so without further adieu:

10.) The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Do I really consider this to be one of the top ten themes? I would have said no, but as I narrowed down the list, somehow it stayed on. In a one-on-one comparison, this beat a lot of my favs. Damn Will Smith, and his awesomeness.

9.) The Big Bang Theory

In a time when most shows are forsaking openings in exchange for a simple title card, the BBT theme by the Barenaked Ladies manages to clock in at only a few seconds longer than the Lost opening, while at the same time filling my inner nerd with glee. Because as Bill Nye says, science rules!

8.) Drive

This would have been higher on the list, but saying as the series only clocked in at six episodes, I really couldn’t condone it being any higher on the list, no matter how awesome the post-Bush Gavin Rossdale song is. Yes, the sound quality sucks, but it was the only opening credits YouTube I could find. Bonus for having the Challenger instead of the pickup, though! – That video’s gone, now enjoy this truck-filled version from Daily Motion!

7.) Night Court

Some jazzy sax and bass from my favourite ’80s sitcom, and yes ALF was sacrificed so that this could make the list. The song is much better than the accompanying video, though.

6.) The Muppet Show

It took some discussion to figure out if this should be on this list, or the cartoons list. In the end, this list got the Muppets, and the other list will get the Fraggles. Oops, spoiler.

5.) Roswell

Dido had a video with David Boreanaz in it, so that kinda makes up for not having the Angel theme on this list, right? I’m quite pleased with how high on the list this ended up, when all was said and done. It’s really become a favourite of mine as I’ve been working my way through the series for the first time this year.

4.) The Sopranos

Easily one of the modern classics for television themesongs, though it turned out to be a bit difficult to find the original, WTC-included version on YouTube. I’m a little surprised to realize just how long this opening is, too. Far longer than most shows, but then they do put all of the opening credits on during the themesong.

3.) Knight Rider

Just watching this opening makes you realize how badly they failed with the new series. Easily my favourite themesong from the ’80s, because no matter how awesome the A-Team was, the ‘Hoff actually got theme that rocks on its own.

2.) The X-Files

Just ahead of the best of the ’80s we have the best of the ’90s. The X-Files theme is so simple, yet perfectly captures the tone of the show. The video was equally perfect, and it also offered Chris Carter a chance to play around with the tagline for special eps, which is the sort of thing I always enjoy. Not related to how awesome the themesong is, just to how awesome the show is in general.

1.) Firefly




~ by Jerk on December 12, 2008.

7 Responses to “Jerk's 10 Favourite Themesongs”

  1. I was expecting some They Might Be Giants props on this list.

  2. uhh monster replies
    Drive had riley smith in it? I actually wanna see that now. Looks like a great cast. how old is that?/how did I miss it?

    Somehow thats the only thing Dido did that I don’t hate and it doesnt make up for not having angel but I’ll put it on my list.

    I feel like we need a list of the worst themesongs too. hhmm

    Did you actually watch the Sopranos?

    Thats where summer glau is from. I dislike her, but i blame that all on her upper lip.
    That’s really your number one? really?

  3. Drive aired in the spring of 2007, and you missed it because it was immediately canceled.

    I’ve seen the first two seasons of Sopranos.

    Wait, have you not seen Firefly?

  4. all of it? no. Please don’t beat me.

  5. Well…. I guess you can go unbeaten, this time.

    I’ll lend it to you over Christmas, you don’t have enough of my DVDs yet.

  6. What do I have right now? Alias, 16 candles, Lake Placid 2 which i made another person watch btw… devourrrrr

  7. Sounds about right, yeah.

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