A 30 Rock Interpellation


As I was watching this week’s 30 Rock, something occurred to me: What happened to Josh? Remember him? This guy30-rock-josh over to the right here? Played by Lonny Ross? I just realized it’s been a while since I saw him, at least back in season two, and even then I don’t think he showed up in the last couple eps. I really liked his character, but on the other hand if I didn’t even notice he was missing for a half dozen episodes or so, it’s clear that I’m not really missing him. The show has recently become very much about Liz and Jack, with ample helpings of Tracy, Kenneth and Jenna. It’s been rare to get any truly great Pete moments, so I can understand the need to cut out Josh. I also think that the show has become better so… you know the more I write here, the less I actually care that he hasn’t been on. Huh. Oh well, so long Josh.  We already had the ep where you did your Jack impression, how could you have topped that?

This blog now contains 100% more Tina Fey.



~ by Jerk on December 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “A 30 Rock Interpellation”

  1. I just realized the same thing when I started watching the Season 1 DVD.

  2. I love more the more tina fey, thank you.
    Josh has ultimately been replaced by Tracy in his only purpose, to take attention from Jenna. He’s really not all that important, but kinda odd that they cut him without explination. Did Liz fire him on her power trip, or was he back after that?

  3. Jimmy Fallon sued for having the character be so obviously him.

    Or not.


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