DoubleBitches Top 10 Themesongs

Just to prove that we’re not always in sync I’ll give you my top ten quick list of best theme songs ever. I actually pride myself on remembering entire theme songs from way back when so we’ll see what I can come up with.  Heads up, it totally kicks Jerk’s list’s ass.

10.   Two and a Half Men.  Not only is this show really funny, it’s got a totally catchy themesong.  I looked it up, it’s not actually them singing but you could have fooled me, other than Charlie Sheen being a bass.  Oh and the creepy growing up thing at the end.  I’m sorry for that.

9. Full House.  Some part of me always thought that Uncle Jessie actually sang this song.  This theme is totally made by the Dubiedoo wop bah daow  at the end.

8. Golden Girls. I have a tiny crush on Betty White, so this was an easy addition but this song is just a damn good song to belt out while shaking your fist at someone.  I love it.

7. Growing Pains. The second and better Cameron sibling on our list, this show was one of my favorites growing up. The call and response nature of this song makes it awesome. It’s also short and sweet and gets to the point. Don’t forget the guitar too.

6.  Cheers, is a show that I watched a lot more than I’d like to admit. It was good clean entertainment that was sure to be on every day. This song does a really good job of introducing the show and the feeling that they’re going for. Just try to find me someone who doesn’t know all the words.

5. Saved By The Bell.  This one was almost Veronica Mars but the crime they committed on the theme in the third season took them right off the list.  Nothing got you out of bed in the morning like this song, the graphics are cool too.

4. Angel.  Jerk left this off his list but I have more than once found myself singing along to it.  It’s pretty close to the Buffy theme but still quite different, connecting the two and it really matches Angel and the colour of the show. Plus cello’s rock.

3. Battlestar Galactica.   I had to debate between this song being great or being terrible, but again it’s one that gets stuck in my head and does a good job of setting up the show that will follow it.  The thing I don’t like about this is that it’s long, and added with the ‘previously’ titles I swear it takes up the first five minutes of the show.  So instead of making you watch that I found this guy doing a pretty accurate abbreviated version.

2. Deadwood.  This cowboy song is pretty long but it really rocks for what it is.  I always look forward to hearing it and even went as far as getting the soundtrack so that I could listen to it whenever I want.

1.  The 1966  Batman Series.  TO THE BATMOBILE!  LETS GO!  Banananananana.  Take the win of the Hawaii Five-o surfer music craze that was going around at the time and get some girls to scream BATMAN! over top of it?  Where can you go wrong?



~ by doublebitch on December 13, 2008.

8 Responses to “DoubleBitches Top 10 Themesongs”

  1. I’m tempted to say Full House was awesome just because of their hair. And I always thought it was Uncle Jesse singing too.

    I couldn’t bring myself to put Cheers on my list. I have a hard time acknowledging things generally accepted as awesome. Like my top bands list wouldn’t have Led Zeppelin, and a top comics list wouldn’t have Watchmen.

    I forgot about Wes doing his Max Payne ‘dive whilst shooting akimbo’, I really want to watch some Angel now.

    Battlestar was close for me, but I think the visual is required for it to not suck. And yeah, too long.

    This is the first time I’ve heard the Deadwood theme, that’s pretty rocking.

    God I hate that Batman theme. And that show. The movie went so completely overboard as to become culty awesomeness, but the actual show is just painfully bad.

  2. Christina is gonna come in here and beat you for dissing her batman.

    Yeah I think cheers.. i agree with that.. Im not sure Im actually that attached to it but when I thought of it I couldnt really leave it off either. Uhh We are not decisive people, this isnt a good idea, us doing best ever lists.

  3. Well not best ever, just… our favourite. Totally different. Still took me hours to finalize my list though.

    And I blame the fact that I actually read comics. The Dark Knight, now that was good live action Batman. Notice how it is IN NO WAY like the old show. Batman: The Animated Series may also be referenced for quality Batness.

  4. List = fail. Interesting composition or nostalgia does not make a song good. Most of these songs are pretty bad, even if they’re “good” because they bring back memories of the Golden Girls. Who were hot.

  5. Jerk’s just mad because I did this in like half an hour and it took him all night. At least I used shows that people knew were ever on the air.

    I think having a song be memeorable is a measure of it’s success. I can cut them all down and talk about the hooks and the arangement and exactly why they’re good but it would take pages and you dont care. You just dont want to admit how you’ve always wanted to be like john stamos

  6. Everyone wants to be like Stamos. Also, I think I did well, some of my themes came from shows that had long runs!

  7. Ha ha ha ha – I put the Batman one on a loop and can’t stop giggling. I think that a theme song has to be catchy and sticky to be good – something that you can hum at any point in time and that will pop into your head randomly. Full House, Cheers and Saved by the Bell are catchy and sticky because they are about ‘real life’ stuff. Every time I get saved at the last second by anything that theme song pops into my head.
    But honestly… Batman? Have to listen to it again.

  8. Okay so people don’t really agree with the batman, I can live with that.

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