Rich Find in Deadwood

deadwoodhbo1Deadwood was a show that single handedly changed my view on swearing and period drama in one fell swoop.  It brought together great stories, great characters, humor, drama, great acting, amazing sets, mustaches, murder, sweet hats, drinking, mud, whores and gold mining.  Seriously, what more could you want?  I just finished watching the entire series from start to finish over the last few months and I can honestly say I’ve never been quite this hooked on a show that wasn’t sci-fi.  Deadwood holds all the elements required to create a really enjoyable fandom.  It’s intelligent, it’s deep and it’s really fun to go back and dig around which characters were real and who’s been made up.

almagarretian_mcshanedeadwoodIf you’ve never heard of it Deadwood was a 3 season series from HBO set in the 1870s about a real lawless gold rush town in South Dakota.  Go look the town up, they sent me promotional material in the mail for free.  Everybody likes mail.  Especially awesome tv related cowboys and casinos mail.  The show features characters like Seth Bullock (Timothy Olyphant) the makeshift sherif, Al Swearengen (played by Ian McShane who won a Golden Globe for it) is the corrupt owner of the Gem Saloon and Alma Garrett (Molly Parker), a high society woman who is a rich gold find owner.  Expect appearances from cowboy lore celebrities such as Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. 

The language will blow you away.  You’ve never heard cocksucker used in so many creative ways before.  One of my recent favorite quotes was by Calamity Jane  “Fuck yourself with a fist punch up your ass, today, at the present moment.”  Amazing.  But it’s not just the swearing that makes this both awesome and surprising, it’s the way in which they speak.  It’s fascinating and to be honest, with the accents sometimes you wont pick it all up.  It’s not a show that you sit down to and drift off.  You have to think hard and pay attention but that really excites me.

wyattearpellsworth1franciswolcottebfarnumOne thing I loved about this show was the size of the cast.  There are a lot of characters to keep track of because the show’s really about a developing town and the game of chess that goes on to try and keep it a float and make a living for yourself.  Not many shows can boast 17 actors having appeared in at least 34 of the 36 episodes.  The cast is large and you’re sure to see a few faces you recognize from three letter shows like Gail Harold from QAF, Jim Beaver from SPN, the dad from BMW, Garrett Dillahunt from SCC, or the not three lettered but creepy, gross and hateable William Sanderson who’s now on True Blood.  Those don’t even touch on the main cast and how amazing they are.  The entire cast got the SAG award nod last year.

I can’t say enough good things about this show.  Sadly it ended after three seasons due to the almighty dollar, though I have heard that it cost around $5 million to shoot an episode, totally worth it but understandably a lot.  This is probably why it’s a pretty expensive buy on DVD but you will not be disapointed.  Worth every penny. 



~ by doublebitch on December 13, 2008.

7 Responses to “Rich Find in Deadwood”

  1. I still have to watch this. But I kinda don’t want to download it, and expensive, so I haven’t.

    Also, now are you going to check out more westerns? Sergio Leone FTW!

  2. I meant to add that the series came out on dvd this week, thus hype and good timing. When I get season one you can have it. My parents have season two, I fully plan on watching cowboys on their big screen.

    um maybe..

  3. Deadwood was my program, I miss it

  4. The writing really brilliantly combines the attempt of the mostly uneducated and unwashed frontiersman feigning overwrought Victorian Queen’s English on the one hand and the Tourette like cursing. It’s excellent.

    I can’t believe they stopped making this show—the best Western show/movie ever—so that Milch could make the biggest piece of shit on HBO “John From Cincinnati”

  5. This (deadwood), the sopranos, and the wire are the best. Deadwood was supposed to be longer but hbo fucked it up and it ended up getting cancelled. Also the shield is one of those shows that you have to pay attention with excellent central characters. Check out the new series featuring timophy olyphant called justified, it’s great too. Not quite as good as the others but he’s great in it.

  6. amazing this serie
    Ian mc shane in his time of prime

  7. Best show on TV. Provides an accurate portrayal of the filthy life in a lawless mining camp.

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