Three Parts Theory One Part Spoiler

I can’t remember if this was something that was addressed in last weeks episode ‘Our Father’ or if it came up in a preview clip that I came across this week but with the volume finale of Heroes only a few hours away I figured it was safe to talk about. 

268We have Daphne, Matt and Ando in New York harassing bike couriers, (did they not watch dark angel?  never mess with a jam pony) and they come to musing about powers and how they come about.  Daphne says that she wanted to walk and she got to run, Matt wanted to know what people were thinking and now he reads minds.  She implies that maybe you get the power you truly desire. 

This could work on some levels within the shows mythology.  Peter wanted to understand people, thus the empathy based power.  Gabriel wanted to understand how things work thus the pokey power.  DL always wanted to feel you from the inside.  But we run into a few problems with this.  Both Daphne and Matt are assumed natural powers and anyone given an injection would be artificial.  Maybe the fact that they gave Nathan the power as a child reflected a childhood desire to fly?  

Mohinder, I would say displays more than one power. If this is the case it really does depend on the person as to what power they would receive.  This also makes it questionable if they would ever be able to choose which power they were giving to a subject.  Someone with greed or a dictator complex could have all the power they desired.  It would explain the whole Nikki/Jessica thing though. 

Overall, I don’t think Daphne is right.  I think the chances of their powers relating to their desires is about as accurate as what they have to do with the eclipse.   They’re factors that seem to have some influence but don’t give the black and white answer something like this requires.



~ by doublebitch on December 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “Three Parts Theory One Part Spoiler”

  1. Hmm this is fascinating to me. You could very well be right. I didn’t catch this conversation, or I wasn’t paying attention. Since Ando really wants to go save Hiro, he needs to get the time travel power. So I guess if he gets injected and it appears…maybe. I could see the soldier wanting to be super strong. Interesting theory!

  2. Interesting theory on a line I didn’t notice upon watching. I could see Niki wanting to be stronger, but her split personality who was stronger developed the power instead. Tracy apparently likes keeping herself detached with an icy exterior.

    I’ll have to give more thought on this.

  3. Maybe it’ll show up tonight then. Either way this storyline got burried underneath all the awesome that was Sylar last week. They do seem to reflect though.

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