Tired of Being Surprised

Sometimes I think audiences expect too much. We expect the tiniest plot holes to be filled in and for all the graphics and effects to be believable.  While I think we often give leeway for television which has on many occasions one upped film in these aspects, we still expect a lot because when the hours over we know there’s another one coming.  It’s what helps tv garner more fandom than film often does.  We expect almost too much from tv sometimes and we hear the creators and writers and even other fans saying just sit back and enjoy what it is instead of picking it apart.  I quite often agree with this until I run into weeks like this.the_formula

On two occasions this week I was really surprised at things that happen on my favorite shows airing at the moment.  I was watching Heroes and jumped out of my seat when Hiro ripped the formula.  Even if it apparently confused a lot of people, it connected everything so smoothly!  I was really excited to see them do this.  Then I realized that what I’d just jumped for joy over was simply an exorcise in continuity.

The second was seeing Elliot Spencer and Amy squable about their romantic past together, and subsequently make out.  This isn’t something you’d expect to see so early in a show.  It proves that the people behing Leverage aren’t afriad of their caracters.  Character Development? in the third episode?!  Is it Christmas already!?  I love it.

So yeah, maybe we pick at the tiny things in shows sometimes but if I have to get excited about television/writing basics like contenuity and character development I have a hard time finding a reason to cut the medium extra slack.  I wish things like this were the expected norm so we could celebrate more interesting things like really unique character voices or creative universes.



~ by doublebitch on December 17, 2008.

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