Shared Universe!

eli-stone-work-benchSo, in this week’s Eli Stone, he had to defend the girl who’s going to pave the way for cold fusion in fourty years. This is her over to the right here. As you can see from her apron, she works at a hardware store. The Work Bench. As in the same chain of hardware stores that Sam, Ben and Sock work for. A little digging shows that Eli Stone’s co-creator Marc Guggenheim is married to Reaper’s co-creator Tara Butters, so that explains why this was snuck in.

Of course to me, it means something much more. From now on, I will officially consider Eli Stone and Reaper to take place in the same ‘verse, even though I doubt they’ll ever cross each other again. And the more I think about it, the more it seems that they could reside reaper-work-benchtogether. At different ends of the spectrum sure, but I can’t see any reason why they couldn’t occupy the same ‘verse. Eli has to figure out just what God wants from him, while Sam is told exactly what the Devil wants. Eli sees elaborate dance numbers, while Sam sees this. Totally a connection.

I’m really intrigued by this, on a fandom level. I’m looking forward to getting some fanfic where Eli has to represent Sam, or something. Oooh, Eli/Maggie/Sock love triangle! And can I just say that this week’s Eli Stone was really good, and I’m very sad that there are only five more episodes of it ever. Sigh.



~ by Jerk on December 18, 2008.

5 Responses to “Shared Universe!”

  1. THAT IS SO COOL! Maybe they’d do a real crossover! I would love that so much.

    I kinda had something like this happen to me the other day. I was watching Alias Season 1 which Im ..almost done. Anyway in one episode I had both Adam from Heroes and Mr Woo from Deadwood plus the regular Alias verse. They didn’t mean for it, clearly since it’s just actors and those roles are in the future but it happened in my head.

    when you first said they shared a ‘verse i went nooo that cant work but by the time I got to the bottom you convinced me. Good work.

  2. Actually, all of JJ’s stuff has little connections. Oceanic, the airline from Lost, has shown up in both M:I3 and Fringe. I seem to remember there was some connection between Alias and Cloverfield, too.

  3. That damn JJ. I also like how Reaper is so clearly filmed in a Canadian Tire

  4. Is it still? I know the pilot was, but I think after that they built a set… to look like the pilot, and therefore like a Canadian Tire. But I’m pretty sure it’s a set.

  5. Alias, Cloverfield, and Trek all feature cameos by SLUSHO.

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