The Dipshit Theory

Like many others this time of year I should be writing a paper but I’m not.  Instead I’m gathering useless information that I enjoy, such as this here fine blog about superflous nipples.  I ended up eventually on an article about how badly tv’s done this season.  Just like, well pretty much every other industry right now.  They were trying to come up with reasons and the first thing they pointed to was what I now call The Dipshit Theory.

tivo_series3The Dipshit Theory sees the downfall of hour programing because people are using DVR, Tivo, torrents or streaming video to replace watching TV on TV when it airs.  This loss of what they call appointment television is a problem some say due to the loss of advertising time as most people watch commercial free, while some, like Kring stupidly say it allows viewers to somehow have less of a commitment to the programs they’re watching which takes away from their understanding of overall arcs, forcing them to create stupid programing.  (don’t get me started, again)

While they do have a point with some forms of viewing, the advertising money for the networks is being lost and in turn the money that pays to make the shows.  Lots of networks are fixing this by making their shows available on their websites after you view a few ads.  For the most part it’s worth it unless you happen to reside outside of the US, then you’re mostly SOL unless you have a local station that networkcollage2participates.   Selling subscriptions via Itunes and Amazon are also ways that shows/networks are choosing to deal with this change.  The WGA were smart enough to see this and make changes to their contract demands even if some morons didn’t understand it.  Eventually the internet will bring the demise of the network system.  So often we think of it as holy or archaic but it really hasn’t been around all that long, then again nor has the technology.  There will be life after the network system.

What I really wanted to say is that Appointment Television is not gone.  It never will be.  There will always be a release date of a product.  It can’t be out before it’s finished.  What will become more important than creating a schedule and herding people into a habit of tuning in Mondays at 9 will be creating a fandom, suspense and demand for your product.  Even online I wait for things.  I want them as soon as I can on whatever format they come out.  This is why I’m a Dipshit.  I watch my favorite shows on cable TV because I want to have them first.  I want to see them the minute they come out.  Providing content in different formats is not going to change this.  Appointment TV will not disappear it may just be rescheduled for a more convenient date.



~ by doublebitch on December 18, 2008.

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