Lets Play Dress-up

Sometimes when the news is slow you might notice bloggers resort to lists.  It happens but lots of people love lists and it gives you a chance to be really creative.  So here I present to you DoubleBitche’s list of the top five TV Dress-up dolls.

535.  Jensen Ackles – Who doesn’t love some Jensen?  This doll made the list by playing on something we love, Jensen’s gay side.  If you’ll note the lips are perfect and I especially liked the cut off jeans and mesh sleeves.  I feel like this really captures the essence of Dean.. no.. Jason Teague.. X5-494?  no.. 4Okay,  just Jensen.

4.  Teri Hatcher – Lois Lane to many, I was surprised that there was no sign of the superman logo in her wardrobe but there was a totally rad 80s-tastic skirt and this shirt that said HAHAA.  I thought it rather fitting.  I just noticed that she plays desperate really well.  Thankfully it doesn’t come with a microphone.  3

3. Ali Larter – Bringing in another one for the ladies is Miss Ali Larter who has not only interchangeable hair, placeable pockets and a sweet hat but the entire alphabet (just in case she forgets her name you can spell it out for her) and a picture of who I think is Kurt Cobain.  I’m not sure what the connection is there but I like it.  2

2.  David Hasselhoff – My favorite part about this one was really a toss up.  It’s either how much he looks like a deranged Mr Rogers, the sunglasses that sit behind his head or the improperly quoted t-shirt.  Always about style, Mr Hasselhoff will bring you at least 3 minutes of non-stop entertainment.  Ooga-chucka!1

1. Charlie Sheen – Now this must be circa 1993 because it’s flooded with Musketeer gear which is always a good time.  Scarves! Swords! Gloves! and a giant purse!  This man can do no wrong.  There’s even a very ‘Uncle Charlie’ striped button up shirt in there too if you’re more of a two and a half men fan.



~ by doublebitch on December 20, 2008.

6 Responses to “Lets Play Dress-up”

  1. Ha, love it. It’s just wrong to dress Jensen that way…but it’s damn funny. Sheen cracks me up!

  2. They need a bigger closet space. Sorting through all of Teri’s clothes is a pain.

  3. It’s okay, most of it’s stuff you’d never want to see Teri Hatcher wear anyway.

  4. Teri Hatcher looks like Anne Hathaway in that pic. LoL! Very cute. Love the Ackles.

  5. Oh god I missed one. Look at Milo! Oh god he looks like death warmed over. AND HE COMES WITH A JOKER MASK!?!

  6. Wow, he’s clearly the best. I love the different comic book character suits, and the nice collection of ties.

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